10 Weeks Old Boston Terrier called Blu Wearing her Little Shirt


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog called Blu at 10 weeks old from Worcestershire, England.

She is wearing her little stripped blue shirt! 🙂

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10 Weeks Old Boston Terrier called Blu Wearing her Little Shirt

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Kelly Day-Cats


Josue Guerra

Esta cagado a Chema bebe Alyd Lozano

Alyd Lozano

Que bonito chema de bebe

Kandy Pfeiffer


Rich Pearce

We love her very much

Deanna Dobbins
Sandy Bearse

What wouldn’t do for another Boston Baby!!!!

Mary Costigan


JoLee Edenstrouble

So sweet

Sandra Bennett

You little cutie.

Marlén Fernández
Melanie Milian

I love u!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Peggy Singleton Proveaux

She is precious !!
Here’s my Blue. ❤️

María Camila Luján Fernández

Miren Laura Carolina Luján Fernández Marlén Fernández es igualita a Lupe jajajaj 🐶🐶😀😀

Beth Shelton

Love these pampered pets

Beth Shelton
Janet Whalen Dodge

I want her, she is so adorable

Sarahi de Jesus

What a cutie

Re Becca

She’s just beautiful

George Murphy

My three sisters Boston terrier 8 weeks old sleeping on me

Rich Pearce

Alice Instone

Pat Putman Meyers

I love her!!!!!!!!

Laura Robbins

What a handsome young fellow !

Rich Pearce

She’s a little girly

Meg Kirkendall

Cutie pie!

Carole Smith

Omg too cute

Patricia Campbell

Beautiful !!!

Susan Gobin

So darn cute!

Stefania Fried

Soo sweet!!!

Jill Blythe


Sonya Rose

Lucas Hughbanks That little face!

Lucas Hughbanks

Uhg.. those eyes..

Sonya Rose


Lucas Hughbanks

If you say so. Lol.

Sonya Rose

I do say so.

Suzanne Fleury

I love this dog xxx

Bill ODell

Gorgeous little dog

Jamille Lovemeorleavemealone Chinnis

What a cutie!

Rocket the Boston Terrier

Hi little doge

Sue Vaughn


MaryAnn Graber

sooo cute

Ann-Catrin Strom

So sweet!