100% Organic Products Line called Rescue to Help Animals


    Here is about products for pets that are 100% made with organic ingredients, no harmful chemicals. This products line is called Rescue. Handmade by a Registered Veterinary Technician. They have paw and nose balm, oatmeal shampoo, conditioner, cologne (available in multiple scents) and Anti-Itch Spray.

    Organic Products Line called Rescue to Help Animals

    If you buy Rescue product(s), not only you are keeping your pets(s) healthy but you are helping to rescue an animal in need because 10% of their profit goes to local animal shelters and other organizations dedicated to saving animals lives.

    Boston Terrier lovers, you get a 10% off the price! The coupon code is BT413.

    To learn more about the Rescue products line or to buy, go to JB Ranch Store on Etsy!

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