13 Weeks Old Boston Terrier Puppy Eating Watermelon for the First Time! (Video)


Did you know that watermelons are healthy for dogs? Always with moderation, they can make a good treat!

Here is a video of a 13 weeks old Boston Terrier puppy eating watermelon for the first time and loving it! 🙂

Do your Dog(s) love watermelons too?! Share about it with other people!

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Debbie McPherson Herron

Mine loves watermelon

Adriana Mora

Pitu Ale

CaLajate RLanreefer


Timothy Schenks

Our older Boston Terriers that we raised from puppies loved fruit (apple, orange, banana). Our newest Boston, who was a rescue, will not touch it. I guess it’s how you were raised.

Cynthia Ferguson DeVaux

My Hollie eats anything that does not eat her. Somethings I am surprised did not kill her. Man the things she gets into. lol

Vickie Robin

Watermelon is a must!!

Toby E Beal


Nick Pambianchi

Mine eats everything that’s remotely edible. Carrots. Grass. Tomatoes. Anything at all 😂

Joyce Powell

My boy just had some tonight.

Cindy Tetreault

My Chi’s love watermelon.

Cindy Tetreault

My Chi

Linda Bourque

My Boston loves watermelon. And loves eating ice, when we get home everyday from a long walk.

Mary Morin

So sweet 💜💙❤️💚

Bob Buchanan

Our Boston is the most veracious eater Iv’e ever seen….She loves green beans….Loves blueberry pie too…..Has a blue mouth for a couple hours each time !

Gail Joha

Awe too cute

Devan Tracy

Omggggg mom Cindy Carty-Tracy

Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

So sweet

Cindy Ann Hoffman

So cute! Yes boy loves watermelon, cantaloupe and raw cucumbers.

Valerie Jung Gilbert

Does my Boston love watermelon? It’s food, isn’t it? Boston terrier motto, “It’s food until proven otherwise”, apparently lettuce isn’t food tho.