13 Years Old Boston Terrier named Chase Sunbathing!


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Chase at 13 years old from Brooklyn, New York. He’ll be 14 years old in October 2016!!

This is Chase sunbathing! 🙂

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13 Years Old Boston Terrier named Chase Sunbathing!

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Blondie Dean


Bea Jacobson

I had to put my Boston Terrior down at age 14 I miss him so much. They are wonderful pets. I hope that Chase continues to have good health !

Bea Jacobson

Thank you for answering. When we drove to the Vet, I was holding Nippy and he stared at me the whole time. Honestly his eyes told me that he knew what was happening. I will never forget his look. Best wishes for Chase !

Diana Rodriguez Allen

Thank you…it’s the hardest thing losing a pet…my last boston passed at 13 🙁 Chase will be 14 in October and besides a few missing teeth and his hearing he’s looking pretty good 🙂

Wes Brown

That’s a good dog

Janine Urban

What a cutie, and looking good at 13❣. This is my Joe, he is 12 has Cushings, 4 months cancer free after having gallbladder removed and still going strong. I love him so much💕🐾💕

Diana Rodriguez Allen

Aw he looks great ❤

Aaron Peterson

Hi Chase!