14 Weeks Old Boston Terrier Dogs Inside a Wooden Box


Here is a photo of a two Boston Terrier dogs named Templeton and Wilbur at 14 weeks old from Portland, USA.

They were adopted together and will live long happy lives side by side! 🙂

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14 Weeks Old Boston Terriers Inside a Wooden Box

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Starr Smith

Love their faces, cute!

Ed Ngoksin


Mena Ardizzone Keifer

Love, love, love

Natasha Stalhamer

NO, Deenah, Tennille, you already have 3 .

Yolanda De La Rosa

So adorable!

Barbro Mehlin

Åh vilka sötnosar❤️😍❤️

Meg Kirkendall

SO cute!Those of us lucky enough to be OWNED by a Boston,just can’t help ourselves we LOVE them. ALL of them.😍

Patty Coyle


Debbie Sherwood

So sweet

Annelize Schlemmer

Whos pups are they ???

Kimberly Morlock

They are my daughters puppies. She got them for her college graduation.

Ann Lalik

Miranda: you need a puppy ❤️🐾🐾

Ana Luisa Perez


Stefania Fried


Erika Treviño
Nadia Pereira

My daughter use breathing strips to train our dog ears to be straight

Kimberly Morlock

We don’t want their ears to stand up but thank you for the advice.

Meg Kirkendall

Actually they will come UP on their own. These pups are still young.Nature will take care of it all😘

Nadia Pereira

It depends ,ours wouldnt stay on their own and i know a neighbor with a big Boston Terrier with droppy ears, what bother my daughter is that she read that the droppy ears are more prone to ear infections because they dont ventilate the same,stetically i think they are cute both ways

Kimberly Morlock

These are all 4 of my droopy eared Bostons and we’ve had no problems with ear infections. Thank goodness, but I have heard that before. We are fortunate

Nadia Pereira

Arent you lucky,they are adorable, i only have one,muy adored Bruno,but should be so much fun have four,maybe when we move out of here we get at least another so Bruno has a brother,they only allow one pet here

Deon du Plessis

Give them both to me

Ednaris Miranda

Yically Perez Soto

Yically Perez Soto

Me Los Como A 😘

Tom Couch

14 weeks and beautiful already.