17 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Murphy Doing Tricks


    Usually Boston Terriers are quick to learn new things. They are smart little dogs! 🙂 This young Boston Terrier learned many tricks very quickly. This is Murphy at 17 weeks old. He’s from Germany.

    What about your dogs? Are they able to do some tricks? 🙂

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    8 Comments on "17 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Murphy Doing Tricks"

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    Jeanine Kispert

    Totally cute! Teach him to give you a high 5, that is always cute and easy. We have 2 Boston’s and totally love them!!!!

    Bibi Tolentino Tasker

    What a beautiful face ❤️💋💋💋

    Susan Gobin

    Love a Boston terrier!!!🐶❤️

    Joanne Reymer

    What a smart and adorable pup!

    Greg Jones

    Joanne Pratt Jimmy O’donnell