3 Amazing Boston Terrier Dogs Learned to Cross their Paws!


Here is a video of three amazing Boston Terriers filmed after they learned a new trick!

Their names are Tuxedo, Mia & Guizmo and they learned to cross their paws! 🙂

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Patricia Kim Hassett Slagle

So cute! Love ❤️ their expressions💕

Mark Hutchinson

Far left is doing it begrudgingly (looks like a grumpy puss) Far right is being a good boy..but the kid in the middle…He’s damned proud of his achievement. So very cute all of them.

Diane Jamieson

My Molly liked to sit that way. ☺️

John Rowbottom


Andrea Owen

Kenneth teach Brody this!

Marilyn Cartier

Louis-Antoine Lariviere Nathalie Cartier

Marilyn Cartier

Les oncles à lou ! 😍❤ j’capote JJason Quigley

Krysia Sztuba


Marica Bloem

They do it.because they are a pure bred

Erin Carroll

Mine do that on their own a lot it’s so cute

Fanie Boudreau

hi ho cute 🙂 my boston terrier did that the other day it was cute 🙂

Optimus Prime

easy! i does.

Ursula Fasswald


Jody Alls

I love how the first dogs expression is like “I cant believe your making me do this” and the second one is like ” ha, nailed it” and the third is like ” I do it like this, right??” LOL too cute

Livi Thule

My Girl Zoe refuses to do things, if she THINKS I want her to do it. Hence no tricks.

Linda Inman Baca

SO adorable!!

Dawn Russell

Debi Persing I can see this as the next Xmen trick