4 Days Old Boston Terrier Got Milk on her Face!


    Here is a photo of a newborn Boston Terrier dog named Lucy at 4 days old.

    She got milk on her face! 🙂

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    4 Days Old Boston Terrier Got Milk on her Face!

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    Patricia Campbell

    So sweet!!!

    Patsy Lou Kenyon-Kerbo


    Sharon Bell

    So precious <3

    Amanda Dalton

    Stephen Meyers

    Karen Slater

    Best “got milk” advertisement ever !

    Nancy Reese Barrett


    Ruth Reese Peters

    Jana Pedler

    Jana Pedler

    You’re so sweet. Thanks for thinking of me. Adorable.

    Bibi Tolentino Tasker
    Marie-Ève Larrivée

    Little pig <3

    Viay Molina Sanchez

    Que hermosura!!

    Samantha Bowman

    Sooo sweet.

    Inara Miller Rundle

    Tammy Slates Jost

    OMG! Tabi Nicole Jost! Puppy with milk on its little face!!!!

    Janet Whalen Dodge

    how cute

    Linda Walters Hess

    Must have been very hungry. Has a fluffy belly. So cute

    Nancy Elder




    Lee Winter

    So cute.


    Jonathan Walsworth 😍

    Jonathan Walsworth

    Imagine what Heidi looked like at 4 days old lol

    Jennifer LaPointe-Walsworth
    Jennifer LaPointe-Walsworth

    The thought of her being that cute litterally hurts.. I cant handle it. Lol

    Aidan Goodwin

    So cute Angelina Hibbard

    Kerstin Martens


    Kerstin Martens

    Oh sweet😘

    Fran Collett

    That’s to die for!

    Angelina Hibbard

    Aidan Goodwin Awh ❤️

    Jessica Ramos González


    John Sivula

    Look at the little pink nose. I can almost smell the sweet aroma of puppy breathe.

    Tara Ollivier


    Joanna Usinowicz
    Sharon Arata Bertozzi


    Waltea Swasey

    How cute is this?

    Amanda Pell

    Stacey Pell xx

    Amanda Pell

    So cute xx

    Mandy Elverson

    Awww just brightened up my day ,to cute lol

    Bobbi Byrd

    Oh my goodness my heart is bursting 💖

    Holly Takahashi

    Milk drunk…love it!

    Gina Baker Carlock


    Ivana Ban
    Eddie McNutt

    Milk it’s good to drink, or use as a beauty mask!!

    Charisma Dawn


    Sherry Lee Wilson-Williamson

    Mark <3

    Peggy Singleton Proveaux

    Precious pup ❤️

    Jamie Rosenthal

    Jamie Lynn Rosenthal

    Joanne Reasoner

    I want that one

    Joanne Reasoner

    So adorable

    Seb Makemson

    Georgina Makemson

    Chadwick Wickett

    Awwwwww so cute

    Carol Apol

    Where is Lucy?

    Sharon Bell

    aaaaawwww <3

    Karen Griesbaum-Falesch


    Sivan Raveh-Sappelt

    Julian Sappelt

    Renee MeLear Fowler

    Precious baby