6 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Lucy with her Ball


    Here is a photo of a little Boston Terrier puppy named Lucy at 6 weeks old.

    She doesn’t want to let go of her ball! 🙂

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    6 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Lucy with her Ball

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    Mary Donald

    She is so cute.

    Nikki Vitug

    meet lucy’s bro! Loki. 😘😘😘😍

    Julie Munson Eck

    Sure wish I could afford a Boston pup. Would love one

    Stacy Voss

    She so cute. I just love bostan terriers

    Linda Barnett

    My Boston was the same way. He didn’t really want to play- he just wanted to make sure no one else did either! He really did not like the fetch thing. lol

    Patricia Linton Smith

    Be still my heart so cute..,

    Sharon Bell

    Oh cuteness overload, shes gorgeous 🙂

    Patty Groweg

    Yep…full blooded Boston. 😂

    Kate Schiel

    JanRyan Schiel let’s get another

    Susan Ward O'Dell


    Sharon Snyder

    Omg the ball is bigger than her. My little Boston can’t get a ball that size in his little mouth.

    Sheray Troutman

    Cutie pie

    Lloyd Carter


    Amber Carpenter-Sanford

    Audrey Sanford it starts at an early age. 😂

    Christine Braun

    Seems about right 🙂

    Brenda McCoy Green

    And that’s how they roll😍

    Joyce Marcoux Powell

    OMG! The cutest.

    David Harvey
    Christi Joustra
    Suzanne Berger


    Barbara Phillips

    Hers and hers only. Sweet

    Jan Russ

    <3 !!!

    Amanda Pell

    Beautiful x

    Suzanne Fleury

    Belle ptite poupoune!! Y sont mignons , je les adorent ! !

    Bernice Jeanette Nelson

    Lucy will probably be hanging onto a ball, just like that for many years to come.

    Jason Grzybowski

    I dunno, my Bostons destroy tennis balls in just a few days sometimes, they love them lol.

    Mélysa Lavoie


    Tuula Vuorinen

    A typical boston terrier!

    Terri House

    Oh my…. the cuteness. I can’t stand it! 😍 #CouldEasilyBeABostonHorder #LoveMyBoston