8 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Bruce Wayne with his Little Blue Shirt


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Bruce Wayne at 8 weeks old from Ontario, Canada.

So cute with his little blue shirt! πŸ™‚

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8 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Bruce Wayne with his Little Blue Shirt

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Lesley Jane Merchant

So cute.

Charmaine Moulton

He’s absolutely adorable πŸ’“

Bob Ferrara

He has that, I did something look.

Carrie Williams Miller

This is buttons. My precious girl. Boy is she stubborn.

Thea Ingram


Jane Tulowiecki Lawniczak

You need more than one 😍

Gail Joha

Your a cutie

Susan Arnall

He’s so cute

Andrea Murray Sams

Congratulations. …

Lauren Stewart

I want a baby

Pamela Evans

Cute !!!

Erin Bowe

Patty Bowe

Patty Bowe


Robin Hoffman Attridge Lampley

ZoΓ« Attridge

Katherine Albert

Nicolas Desbiens regarde comme il ressemble a chuck

Janeen Begley


Jackie Giles

He is so cute I love Boston Terriers l am looking for a baby right at this time

Beth Shelton

Do not come any cuter,, I’ll take him , cuddle cuddle puppy breath puppy kisses so sweet !!!!

Megan Mays

This is what i think about the dog food you bought me … πŸ’©

Pat Humphreys


Carlos Patino

New addition to the family😍😍😍

Andrea Murray Sams

What a BEAUTIFUL face..I see the other little guy looking up too.LOL

Marcia Bobryk

Burger should have a little Bruce. How about it Dad?

Rich Pearce

Alice Instone

Theresa K. Leicht

So cute😊🐾

Vicky Russell

Aw! 😭😩

Shannon Massie Turner


Karrie Rodriguez

Big boy boston terrier for tow boston terrie my name is Emily lily rose and willow Blu my name is Jennann Rodriguez

Sara Knowlson McCormick

Madeline Snyder

Myra Gonzalez

Is he for adoption

Lana Boland

Nooooo, he is my dog lol, this was taken almost a year ago πŸ™‚

Mandy Olekshy

Just got KC today. Kramer really likes him

Mandy Olekshy
Marilyn Cota

Awe, Bruce Lane, you are so cute

Mary Hibbard

So sweet and adorable!

Loretta Y. Smith

i want another one of these guys so bad… Just lost my BT in July

Andrea Murray Sams

So very sorry loretta y. Smith I hope you get another love. ..

Loretta Y. Smith

Andrea Murray Sams thanks I’m looking..

Diane Volk


Joanne Rollins

Aww I want Bruce!! he is a doll baby..sending him kisses.

Sandy Engle

Sherry Friedman Thiroway

Paula Davila Gere


Danielle Kissinger

Kalene McMillan doesn’t this look just like Bubba

Judy Murfitt

I love it!

Gary Miller

what a great face

Daniela Chlebos

Mike Chlebos

Debbie Maddux St Romain

So sweet!

Laurie Fretz

You need him Elizabeth Martinez

Elizabeth Martinez

I know!!!! Lol sooooooooo cute!

A Victoria Long

Look at how tiny he was

Lana Boland

Bruce Wayne (same bruce pictured) is now a year old, and is about to be a big brother to a less furry sibling πŸ™‚

Wendy Hunter

He’s adorable!

Lana Boland

Thank you, he’s an amazing little guy

Jane Tulowiecki Lawniczak

He will make a great big brother. Bostons are great w kids

Mar Olvera
Denny Rizzo

I like him

Raven Medina

Gab tiny thing !! πŸ˜€

Gab J. Iglesias
Ravelle O'Connell

How much does he weigh?

Lana Boland

Back then he was about 3lbs or so lol, he’s 16.5 now

Ravelle O'Connell

He is adorable !! How old is he now ?

Lana Boland

He was a year September 26th

Jean Owens