8 Years Old Boston Terrier Looking at the New 2 Months Old Puppy


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Bailey at 8 years old. His owners got a new 2 months old Boston Terrier puppy named Brody. They are from Phoenix, Arizona.

Bailey is looking at the new puppy! 🙂

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8 Years Old Boston Terrier Looking at the New 2 Months Old Puppy

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Sharon Gaudette

So cute I so would like to own one. Love them.

Mary Ann Lynch


Mary Ann Lynch

Bailey is giving the stink eye “telling the new puppy , you better behave cuz I was here first and I’m the boss!”

Lauren Stewart

Omg I want😆

Norma Pole

Sue N Murray Pritchard

Sue N Murray Pritchard

Crystal and Smooch would be in seventh heaven if we got another baby.

Charlie Carmona

Brono and baby Stella chilling

Jose Andres Remolina Garcia

Daniela Galeano

Françoise Blouin

Hi! Ho! Papa n’est pas content😳

Millie Hernandez


Kyle Garza


Jackie Bailey


Carol-jane Horn

I think that baby is darling ,big step brother will fall in love soon Enough. I’m going to have puppies in November in Atlanta , Ga. Hope they are as cute as this. Molly

Carol-jane Horn


Brie Jones

Raphael Azevedo

Charlotte Suzor

My dog considers puppies a pain and takes His toys

Emmi Pietiläinen

Marjatta Huotari

Thomas Sherwood

Awesome stand off! Who will blink first?

Bobby Corle

Rene Chamberlain does Lucy do this?

Rene Chamberlain

She does that to the cat. lol

Kasee Hart

Deb Tackett Detty

Meg Quenneville

Lisa Quenneville this will be Elliot when you get him a little friend

Ken Metcalf

Passing along some wisdom

Brittany Lansford

Jessica Beaty Cobb

Amanda Junkins

So cute!!

Meg Kirkendall

“Are you telling ME,that I have to share MY space with THAT?”

Brian Runnels

My baby at 14

Matt Parkes

Meagan Tomchik

Meagan Tomchik

Hahahha awwww

Meg Gugenberger


Cheryl Mera


Adm Plzla

Lisa Hecht Polozola

Michelle Broome-Sammons

Jeff Sammons Jessica Sammons Doles Justin Doles

Loes Van de Vondervoort


Elizabeth Schuit

The look says it all.

Sandi Garrison

Big Sister Daisy is NOT impressed with her new 8 week old mixed breed brother, she is 2, new brother 8 weeks, she has been pouting quite a bit.

Janeen Begley

Awww adorableness!

Tammy Tsantilas

No judgement there, lol! They are soo cute.

Robin May Ruggie

Bailey doesn’t look too sure about this new little creature. Bailey says looks like trouble to me.

Linda Johansen

Haha He’s like seriously mom!! And then the love comes.😀

Shirley Whitley

Giving the baby the evil eye!!cute!!!

Kelly Gunnels

Oh this is my life too! 7 yr old Chloe with 9 wk old Charolette

Lauren Stewart

I love Charlotte’s name

Carol-jane Horn

So cute Kelly

Natalie Lyons

Justin Lyons

Justin Lyons


Sue Ballard-Harris

Richard Deighton Just had to share this with you.

Janice Sneddon


Melissa Kaye Sanders

Kevin H Sanders

Aletha Willis

That look say a lot don’t even think about it so funny

Deron Morgan

Who the hell are you?

Riley Parker

Ashley Parker

Anne Ange

My 9 year old Bogey and his new little sister 4 month old Lola. ❤️🐾

Mary Morin

Bogey is take care of her sister. Sweet 💙❤️❤️️

Carol-jane Horn

So sweet

Susan Gobin

What a beautiful photo💕🐾thank you for sharing 💋

Kelli Rigsby Knoles

Thats the “because I said so” look!

Bob Ferrara

At nighttime they will be cuddling.

JoAnna Hawkins

This was 13 year old Beavis looking at 2 month old Holley. This was a few years ago.