A Boston Terrier Who Really Loves Icecream! – This is Stina


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Stina at 3 years old from Norrtälje, Sweden.

She really loves icecream! 🙂

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A Boston Terrier Who Really Loves Icecream! - This is Stina

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Scott Obouhoff

It’s mahlee Emily Tony Toni Rhona

Tony Obouhoff

Thanks Sandra

Emily Obouhoff


Lucy Lenton

Chris Lenton Rachael Hames

Louise Grooms

Needs a longer tongue 👅 this is cute

Jan Dugger

Very cute, my boston loves ice cream too. from Palm Springs, Ca.

Janet Aracena

Eddie Aracena

Isabel Tipple

😂like ours with the yoghurt pot each morning!🐾❤️

Jonna Ernst

Tristan Leyh

Clare Lees Roach

David Roach it seems like all bostons are cheeky like our baby girl Betsy 😂xx

Susan Fourie Maré

Mwah!!!!! so cute.

Anne Marthe Moen

Ice cream regards from Missy Sunshine , Norway 😊

Jan Adams

All of these photos are hilarious!😂

Angela Cottle


Rosco Ziggy

This is most all Boston Terriers or any breed of dogs for that matter.

Linda Walters Hess

I would rather see this than see a pup twirl his tongue down a beer bottle. My dog on the other hand loves whipped cream on coffee drinks. Go figure.

Terrence Schaefer

why so serious? looks like The Joker

Patty Groweg

Cute & funny! Daisy Mae loves Blue Bell ice cream…

Mel Mel

Gaby Hhamel 😂

Gaby Hhamel

Le genre a roxy 😂

Bea Jacobson


Chadd Small

Mitchell just like Freddy

Judy Higgins-Parker

Our Bostie loves ice cream, also…he and daddy have a little treat every evening!

Cierra Claus

Teresa Flores-Hatcher

Jamie Lynn Rosenthal

Jackie Lewison

Joanne Rollins

O my goodness! I hope that little face doesn’t get stuck lol..

Brent Brooks

They also like cappuccino!😆

Mélysa Lavoie

Maryse Lavoie
Marjorie Lavoie

Maryse Lavoie
Kristin Elizabeth Reedy

Bella loves ice cream

Mike Beck


Kelly Watson Smith

Mine too!

Ryan Donatelli

Mandy Searls

Brock Smith

Mine too!

Sue Manzo

Best picture ever!!!!

Judy Tolleson O'Daniel

Finally I figured out this picture.

Tony Obouhoff

Rhona Toni

Rhona Obouhoff


Toni Obouhoff

Mahlees is bigger

Edvard Alcala Narro

Mira Luisa De La Peña toma licuado