Adding a Second Female Boston Terrier Dog. Any problems?


Here is a question from Carrie asking other Boston Terrier owners about two female Boston Terrier dogs living together.

She says : “Hi I’m a Boston Terrier owner we have one female and would like to add a second. I have been told that two females may have more problems getting along do you have an opinion? Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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What are your Thoughts on having Two Dogs?

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Lynn de la Torre

I have 2 girls living together! For the most part, they get along like 2 siblings! Kaia is 8 yrs old and Anja almost 2. They will argue about toys only. They sleep together and you can always feel their love for each other!!

Delia Bragg McCreary

I have 2 sisters and they’ve always gotten along great!

Vouyouka Ageliki

I have two female one 10 year old and the other 1 1/2 they love each other!!

Laura Munro

I got a 2nd BT so my 1st one could have a friend… but they never got along … the new one wanted all the attention… eventually they were able to tolerate each other… but the 2nd one was still mean to the 1st

Jackie Pointer

Yes,always had 2 females never had a problem

Betty Daniels

I have two girls and have had them for over 8 years. They are not buddy buddies but they are find together.

Aimee Samelak

Mine do but they are mother and daughter 13 and 11…

Cindy Boston

Two girls! Best buddies

Vicki McKee Wragg

Best chance is if they are spayed, every dog is different😍

Rex McClure

It’s all good until they go to a party together and realize they’re both wearing the same thing.

Susan Peterson

We had three girls. They got along great! Ages 13, 7, and 5. No problems.

Brenda Keto

My female hated other females. We could only have males with her.

Teena Allen Collins

Mine❤️adore each other

Lisa Zelt Mahany

No problem at all. They are best buddies!

Pat Travis

I have two females. They get along great.

Theresa Brown Penning

I have 3 females. They are just like human siblings, get along perfectly but have tiffs occasionally.

Alana Hoyle
Alana Hoyle

We have had 2 boys and we now have two girls. We didn’t/haven’t had trouble with any of them getting along. Benson was still alive when we got Bella and she was too feisty for him so we added Phoebe. They all played hard and wrestled as young pups but just became really good friends. I think girls have been a lot of affectionate, a lot more involved in our lives. I wouldn’t hesitate to have two more in the future.

Craig Duckett

We have two females, ages 12 and 6, and they get along quite well together, except for the occasional mild scuffle when they want to play with the same toy.

Preston Gordon

As long as you dont show attention to 1 more than the other iv never had a problem mixing or adding new ones in. They are smart dogs they just have to know they arnt loved less and they will be happy

Peg Regis Stevens

OMG!! We have been through this!! So horrible. PM if you want more info on our story!!

Peggy Oberg

my two females are great pals …

Sandi Nerad Edmier

All my female bostons got along fine. Had bostons for over 30 years. Great with kids and grandkids

Sandi Nerad Edmier

Have had two sets of female bostons and at one time 3 boston females.

Kimberly Slavin Villareal

All my females get along..they get along with males too…however i cant mix 2 males….they fight horribly…just spent 500 on having canine pulled because one male grabbed others face…door was left open by accident when we evacuated to sons house for harvey

Diane Mason

I have 2. I adopted my older one as a companion for my male BT who died last year; then the younger one shortly after he died. They are both from same breeder & get along extremely well. I also have a rescue Jack Russell male

Carol Allen

Mine got along fine when I had two. They loved each other, never fought.

Rebecca Kohles

My friends have 3 Bostons. 2 females and a male…they all get along!

Mt Thomas

Our two girls Harley 3 yrs old and Macy 2 yrs old are best of friends!

Michael Goodell

We have two females and they are mother and daughter and it’s a constant power struggle in the house. I know it sounds like something out of Game of Thrones, but it’s almost as dramatic with the attention hogging, and favorite picking (human picking we call it) It get almost soap opera at times until a the house divides (dogs) and they go to war (the dogs) and lines are drawn blood is shed flesh is torn and feelings are hurt, after what seems like an eternity of trying to seperate and scold the two factions peace and calm begins… Read more »

Michael Goodell

We have two females and they are mother and daughter, as well as three males fixed two are litter mates and one brood male, and it’s a constant power struggle in the house. I know it sounds like something out of Game of Thrones, but it’s almost as dramatic with the attention hogging, and favorite picking (human picking we call it) It’s like watching a soap opera at times until the “Dogs” divide the house and go to war, at which time the “Dogs” pick sides and draw lines in the sand. This is when blood is shed, flesh is… Read more »

Mary Michna

WOW. Sounds like my luck. Keep loving them.

Mary Michna

I almost bought the mother who is the Boston of my Frenchton!

Belinda Marshall

Yes of course they do. Our two are 8 months apart.

Kimberly Fielding Korff

Have three and they love each other.

Valerie Kattz

I have 3 females (2 Bostons & a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix) they all get along fabulously! Even better than years ago when I had a male and female Boston combo.

Elaine De Gagne-Roset

I had two female Bostons. One was older and the other had a litter of babies and the new mother shared the care of the pups with the older one. The new mother also shared caring for new kittens . Never had any problems with jealousy between the two female BB ‘s. Penny was the younger one and Daisy was the older female.

Doris Gillmore

I do. Lilly is 10 and been with me for about 8 years. Chloe is 5 and only been here for 4 months. They play with toys, run in the yard, nap together, eat together. BFFs! Both are rescue moms. Chloe is still learning to be a pet dog.

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

My two did. Unfortunately they both passed on this year, March and June. 😢

Tanya Dolan

My neighbor had 2 females an they were fine together

Linda Osburn

Yes two..their fine the younger bigger one knows the smaller older one is boss. They would be lost without each other

Joanna Jackson

Not 2 Bostons… but my female JackRat and female Boston get along great

Bob Ferrara

They have that hurry with the dog yummy look.

Patricia Evangelista Pacheco

Nope, I had mother and daughter. As the daughter got older she just didn’t want to get with mother. Had to re home her 😞

Sandy Engle

My youngest 9 years old, gives my poor senior trouble. My 14 year old is so docile, but the young one goes in on her. Help

Carol-jane Horn

We have had two females on several occasions over the years. Close in age and a difference of three years. No problems .

Tony Heath

We have 4 females and 1 male..he and I are definitely outnumbered…lol they have their moments but get along very well.

Laura Bookelaar

We have four , 2 males,,2 females, never had any problems. Myself I am top dog to them and they would never fight one another. They sleep, eat, play, bathe together. The ages are 9,,7,,5,,2,,

Mary Michna

Gorgeous Boston!

Tamara Dumas Moser

I have 2 females, they get along great. I got my second one as a puppy when my older one was 5. She was upset for a few weeks, now they are inseparable!

Sherry Tiller Owens

Never had any problems I had 2 female Bostons and a female Boxer mix. No problems.

Victoria Palmer

We have 2 females and they get along well. My older girl does get annoyed with our younger girl sometimes. They love each other

Karen Sinclaire

Up until January we two females for 10 years. They were a year a half a part. They were the best of friends.