After they had a Car Accident their Boston Terrier Stayed Dedicated to them


Here is story told by the owner of a little Boston Terrier dog named Ziggy a.k.a. “mr. Boogies” from Sams Valley, Oregon, USA.

“My fiancé and I were visiting my parents ranch when the car coming towards me crossed the double yellow line and hit us head on, and throwing us down a bank into a horse field. Ziggy was 6 months old. By miracle, all three of us were ok, kinda. Ziggy didn’t have a bump or scratch he was just terrified, for us.”

“I was driving, my man passenger. His head broke the windows and he was bleeding a lot. At the time I couldn’t breath very easily I hurt all over. He got me out of the car and I yelled for Ziggy and he didn’t skip a beat jumping from the back to the front and out the broken windows to my arms.”

“Neighbors called friends and family and the sheriff. The ambulance got there and took the 3 of us, Ziggy included to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, my fiancé was hurried in, they tried to do the same while telling me my “dog” couldn’t go in hospital policy. I tried to get up, hard to do I could barely breathe let alone move, told them he’s my 6 MONTH old kid and if he couldn’t go in then I wouldn’t go in until a trusted immediate family member was there, they were in the waiting room already but the hospital didn’t know this yet and I threw such a fit they said fine ok as long as he’s good.”

“For the next 6 hours they pulled glass out of my fiancée face and took scans of me. They took us separately to the MRI and cray machines, each time the nurse waiting while one of us called Zig to the others bed, they wouldn’t let him in the radiology area.”

After they had a Car Accident their Boston Terrier Stayed Dedicated to them

“My barely 6 month old Boston stayed like this, dedicated to is, growling and getting grumpy at anyone who tries to pick him up off our bed, until the hospital cleared us that evening. He can feel our moods and acts like a mind reader. We were terrified and hurt and he knew we just wanted him near us until we felt safe. If I have a pet soulmate, he’s it. Boston Terriers are the most amazing breed of dog and I hope everyone gets to at least know one Boston terrier in their lifetime.”

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Phelipe Rodrigues

Felipe Fagundes

Jason Grzybowski

Best dogs ever… and that one looks scarily like my Flo.

Jerome Seymour

Elaine Seymour

Ron Hertzog

I’ve had 2 BT’s. I lost my 1st two years ago. After suffering a traumatic brain injury and struggling with effects, my 1st BT helped me get through the bad times. My new BT is just as loyal.

Lynne Wunch


Kathy Wainwright Black

I have one and had one previously to him. They are one of the best breed, next to a Lab. Both of my Bostons are and have been buddies with a Lab.

Amanda Passmore

Richard Passmore Becky Passmore

Christi Lauren Botero

They r truly a blessing… And I don’t use that word lightly

Joyce Lacsamana

Danica Federizo

Deanna Dobbins
Al Kenzo

The most sweetest dogs !!!!! Love ’em

Joan Carlton

My daughter and her family have two! Smart and protective dogs!! Sam and Trixi!! Very loving and lovable!

Wesley Cattanach

Claudia Mojica

Jean Fulenwider

They are the best!

Kajsa Burling

That is a Boston for ya.

Sylvia Kirby

They are the sweetest dogs!!

Max Merionnicon

AKC Boston pups for sale they are well trained and will be coming along site all their ducs text me via 740 936 3019 or email at [email protected]

Pat Putman Meyers

That’s the way they are!!!

Loi Laura


Jan Russ


Marguerite Tenorio

I love my Max to the Moon and back . I rescued him but he actually rescued me. 😘 He’s my 😍 B/F

Mark Dillow

Ahhh that’s Boston love

Laurie Jane Free

such a sweet story ..they r amazing! so smart with their emotions !

Sandy Palmer

I have two of these sweet babies and both girls adore us! As we do them.

Mary Donald

I love Boston Terriers.My Daughter has 3 and they are each different.

Janet Whalen Dodge

They are great lovable pets. Everyone should own atleast one. I love my boy. He is 7

Sarah Cannon

Louie is my “soul mate” “, I totally get it 🙂

Stephanie Hurley


Rebecca Hatfield

That’s what makes them so lovable.

Susan Kelley-Conk

They do 💓their people….

Susan Kelley-Conk

Love the breed💓!!

Karen Jensen

There’s nothing like them for loyalty🐾🐾😍😍

Jan Lindahl

My Boston is a senior I rescued from the pound. She follows me around and sleeps in my bed like she has known me forever. You are so right about Bostons.

Glenette Huckabay

Awesome story

Cathy Everitt

They are the sweetest dogs ever! Each one of our Boston have had distinct personalities and have loved us dearly! Of course, the feeling was mutual!

Christi Joustra


Diane Longton

They are the sweetest dog!

Gwen Muldoon


Joyce Settle

I love mine as well!!!

Joyce Settle

What a wonderful story!!!

Irenée Haché

tux junior

Nadia Hedlund


Melody Hummel Wolf

This story melts my heart…..♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥

Pamela Denny Ruid

We have 2 and they do love us.

Jose Graham

I love mine!

Diane Longton

Does he have a blue eye?

Jose Graham

Yes she does

Caroline E Macpherson-Mueller

That is exactly what I have been trying to tell you. Just think what they need to do and the Boston does it. Amazing dogs.

Kathrin Wagner