After Watching a Christmas Story – This is Rocky the Boston Terrier


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Rocky at 1 year old from Redwood, New York, US.

I triple dog dare you! This is Rocky after watching A Christmas Story. He didn’t think that his tongue would stick to the flag pole… (His tongue isn’t really stuck. He’s licking peanut butter)

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After Watching a Christmas Story - This is Rocky the Boston Terrier

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Tammy Hyink


Tanya Dolan

Oh no😰😞he ok?

Michelle Hackett

Jerry Hackett

Mariah Parker

Greg Price

Adna Mae West

OH NO! Did it stick? πŸ™‚

Nathan Clapp

Sydney Anne Heath

Karen Morris

Sweet pup.

Reivaj Nireves


Drew Lette

Elisabeth Lette

Alyssa Davidson

Graeme Baker

Dominic Weber

Laurie Hardy Weber

Jan Dugger

I love this little picture. Thanks for sharing. Whats his name???

Melissa Leonard

Hope that’s just a joke!

Nerea Alejandra Pico Saenz de Viteri

How do you get its tongue off the stick?

Lani Naihe

David Perry

Karen Kelly

My Stella would do that.

Bobby Corle

Emily Rose don’t let Lucy do this LOL then u would have to start calling her Flick

Lisa Schuemann

Laura Schuemann

Constance Howard Smith

Uh oh.

Jason Quigley

Marilyn Cartier

Crystal Gordon

Have the same hat for my Boston!

Darlene Strzyzewski

poor baby

Lori Craven

Thanks for the laugh <3

Peggy Talbert

Crystal Collier

Brandi Bassett Trautman

Stuck!! Stuck!! STUCK!!! πŸ˜‚πŸŽ„πŸΆ