Anatomy of a Boston Terrier Dog

Here is a funny picture about the anatomy of the boston terriers.

The hears are missing!

Leave your comments about the hears and/or about other parts of the boston terrier!

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Anatomy of a Boston Terrier

What do you think?

  • Liz Turney

    Marci Garay

  • Elizabeth Radley

    Mine is baked potato warm sometimes it’s too hot to sleep

  • Patti Wesley Forrester

    this is so funny and true as mine is heating up the bed now!

  • Samantha Morgan

    Sooo true.

  • Berlinda Wolf

    Yep all true

  • Greta Strange

    Very accurate

  • Rose Wolfe

    Loved this.

  • Gayle Montgomery

    Best dogs everrrrrrrr

  • Nicole Hall

    lol that is Bosco and Bella!!!

  • Ilse Steenkamp

    Have three bostons: 2 brothers and a miniature sis weiging 7kg. Bought a king size bed to accommodate all theundercover poopers!

  • Irene Pearson

    Mine two are my life <3

  • Joe Mallon

    Tongue: never-stopping source of motion and slobber

  • Amanda Medhurst

    Apart from the google eyes, just the same as my Boxers boys but just a miniature version! When i lost my Boxers i went straight out and got a more manageable Boston. Love him to bits, snoring and parpy botty! :0) <3

  • Joyce Newton Davis

    So true of our Peaches

  • Joyce Newton Davis

    So true of our Peaches!

  • Joyce Newton Davis

    So true of our Peaches!

  • Shelley Holborn

    This is awesome and so true..

  • Ann Marie Post-Davis

    My Lily snores so loud you can hear her across the room!

  • Roxane Patterson

    Very cute, soo thankful my Gilbert doesn’t snore!!

  • Barrie Hittner Keene

    So true of my Diesel, Dottie, and Sadie.

  • Patricia Sinclair Isbell

    That is so true! I love this!!

  • Karen B. Crawford

    I love Bostons!!!!! Lucy is sooooo smart….and little Alice I love her too even thou she doesn’t live here lol lol

  • Anita Partridge Harris

    Love my Bostons Boomer & Darlin ♥

  • Allison Fowler Woodfill

    I love Bostons. I have 2 a tan and white one Stella, and a dark brown and white Buster. I love all their funny quirks.

  • Bev Taylor

    Lisa Licitra!!

  • Dorice Trasolini

    Radar ears, turn and navigate to the slightest sound

  • David Drake

    I have a white one with a black eye !

  • Monique WickedWays Moody

    Soooo TRUE! I <3 my BOSTON!

  • Max Power

    and nurses on his toys…. so embarrassing

  • Sharon Abbott Lee

    Too cute!!:)

  • Shannon Lee

    Love it and so true!!!