Any Advice to Stop my Boston Terrier Puppy to Bite me?


Here is a question from Aanddree asking other Boston Terrier owners how to stop her Boston Terrier puppy to bite her.

She says : “Hi! This is Olivia from Peru! She is 2 months old and bites everything… my hands, legs, arms and feet are destroyed because of her. Any advise on this please?”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Any Advice to Stop my Boston Terrier Puppy to Bite me?

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Cricket Hart

My 5 year old BT Lorenzo has never been a biter (unless you ” threaten” his momma) he does the lip over teeth only.

Patti Jenkins

He’s a puppy and will grow out of it. Chew toys.

Mona Dollarhide

First off, he’s a puppy!! They do that. Lots of SAFE chew treats, lots of play, the word “NO!” when they bite and tons of love, they need things to chew on and biting people is not allowed. They learn.

Rebecca Hatfield


Jeanette Lynch

You don’t they are LOVE BITES ❤️

Laurie Klein

Say ” ouch” in a hurt exaggerated tone. And then turn and walk away. Puppies are experimenting with the world and need to know what is ok and not ok. They don’t want to hurt their people. My pup bit a few times, and then she learned how to control herself. Now when she gets too wild and is thinking about biting, she grabs a toy to hold in her mouth. Give it time.

Terry Moore

I’ve always had good luck with using the word “No” for anything I don’t want them to do. Chewing on shoes, tearing up magazines, biting me etc… when any of my dogs hear me sternly say No, all of my dogs stop what ever they are doing just in case I’m talking to them. It is a process but being consistent works.

Debby Newell

I hope some of these people are not serious with their answers!
Sounds like your puppy was taking away from the mom and litter mates a little too soon. All you have to do is let him play with other dogs and they will let him know that bitting is unacceptable behavior. Please under no circumstances should you ever use duct tape, if you do I hope you go to jail!

Moses Munar

i think maybe superglue would be a good replacement for the duct tape method😀😀😀

Debby Newell

OMG, can’t believe you saw this! You have a warped since of humor! Did make me laugh a little when I saw it was from you!


Who said anything about duct tape?

David Campbell Munar


Georgia Hollander

Give it some chew toys and when it starts to bite put that in its mouth, tell it no when it bites, another thing I did when mine would bite iis tap it on the nose and say no in a stern voice and it will work I have not been bitten other than accidentaal.


I used to give a sharp yelp like a dog whenever my puppy bit me too hard, and she would stop immediately and start licking me to redress the pain. Then I would immediately praise her for stopping. I heard that is how puppies learn not to bite hard from other dogs, and it worked very well. She was a fast learner. Funny thing is, my husband often couldn’t tell which one of us yelped in pain! Like Jacqui, I also offered her lots to chew when she was teething. If she was chewing something she wasn’t supposed to, I… Read more »

Jill Gonzalez

Chewey bones not rawhides they choke on them no hooves they splinter any Kong toys and nyloboons

Nadia Pereira

I use a spray bottle with water with they don’t listen to words.i stop playing when they bite and go:” ouch that hurts mommy”


Litter mates yelp loudly when bit, it scares the biter. It’s supposed to work to imitate them.

Christine Kelly

i say “no bites…only kisses” and i put my hand in her mouth…not to choke her but she cant really bite down…then as i take my hand out repeating “no bites only kisses” she then starts licking my hand…and i say “good girl…only kisses…i love kisses”…this takes awhile…but i get kisses and sometimes i can tell…especially with my feet/toes…that she wants to bite them soooo bad…but i just say….no bites..just kisses…and shell lick my toes and go find a toy to chew… 🙂

Bob Ferrara

They are like kittens when they are young with the sharp teeth.

Gale Stanley

Nyla bones

Jennifer Hinderleider Abrams

Walk away. That was seriously the only thing that ever worked for me. Mine was a horrific biter as a puppy. I did have an obscene amount of chew toys and tried to redirect, but walking away and ending playtime finally worked after a week or so.

Daniel Johnson

When he/she bites, take your index finger and thumb in a circle and put it around his mouth 👌🏻. Gently squeeze and tap him in the mouth with quick snaps while saying “no bite”! I’m on my second Boston and this has worked with both. And very Quickly!!! They’re smart dogs and will definitely understand in a short time

Jamie Lynn

Spankings and a stern voice seemed to do the trick with mine! She still bites my gf though!! Muahahaha

Kathy Lynn Kinzel

Lots of healthy chew toys. No rawhide.

Jacqui Lepp

Give him lots of exercise. Mine loves chasing a ball and playing tug and climbing hills outside. Tell him “toy” when he is biting and put one in his mouth! Have many around of different textures as he is teething! If he bites you….quit playing with him…..then reoffer a toy or game. If he gets too wound up and can’t seem to quit biting, give him a time out in his kennel! And praise,praise,praise and treats when he goes for the toy!!! He will learn quickly

Les Sheldon

Duct tape..? Treats ..?

Rita Melville

Yea ..bite it back 😂😂😂😂😂