Anyone can Give Advice on Calming Tablets?


Here is a question from a Boston Terrier owner named Trudi asking other Boston Terrier owners about calming tablets.

She says : “Hi everyone! I’m flying my Boston girl tomorrow for the first time. Its a 2 hour flight, but that means she’ll be in the crate for about 4 hours. Just wanted to know if anyone can give me advice on calming tablets, etc – what works, what’s allowed, if its even necessary. Thanks! 🙂 “

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Anyone can Give Advice on Calming Tablets?

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Toni Obouhoff

Rhona Obouhoff

Nathan Steiger

Do NOT use Benadryl or Dramamine can kill your dog! Idiots will say small dose etc but they are just that, idiots!

Drug called ACE is given at 10mg dose every 6 hours and it’s vet approved and works great!
My adopted dog fly with it always!


Our Boston has unfortunately developed some anxiety issues. When in the car travelling on the highway he starts to pant incessantly as he doesn’t like the higher speed. As well, he has developed some separation anxiety and has done a number on a few walls as he seems to be trying to get out. To combat this we ended up buying him a Thundershirt ( and some natural calming chews by Head to Tail ( We use the calming treats and the Thundershirt when on long trips. It chills him right out and he ends up sleeping the whole way;… Read more »

Debbie Maddux St Romain

Had Boston’s all my life. Never sedated one. A blanket that can cover her and her head has always been enough.

Tracie Reynolds Moss

I took my dog to the vet She gave me a prescription drug that works well and usually is a good price at Kroger

Rosco Ziggy

Is she used to being crated? If not, I would have been introducing her to a crate several weeks prior to your trip. But if she is accustomed to being crated, I don’t know why there would even be a problem. I used to crate Rosco Ziggy on my Harley on road trips with stops every couple of hours. He always did great on any trip and was always ready to jump back on and get into his crate.
I wish you both a pleasant trip.

Joan E Moore


Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Contact your vet to ask about the doses and what is lethal to dogs.

Lyn Smart

you could try rescue remedy .health food stores or some chemists stock it


Our guy doesn’t like to travel the highways by car so we use a Thundershirt. With this & calming chew…


Use a natural calming treat like Head to Tail. We put a Thundershirt on our guy and give him 2 calmin…

Tammi Mclaughlin

Benadryl or Dramamine

Joyce Powell

Maybe a thunder shirt to help ease the anxiety and a small dose of Benadryl.

Nadia Pereira

Give him a Benadryl it woud make him sleepy but do not have serious side effects