Anyone else have a Boston Terrier that Nurses Blankets and Stuffed Animals?


Here is a Question from Emily who wanted to ask if anyone else have a Boston Terrier that Nurses Blankets and Stuffed Animals?

Please share with other people, leave a comment below and tell how/when your Boston Terrier does it!

Anyone else have a boston terrier that nurses blankets and stuffed animals

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Rebecca Evers
Rebecca Evers

Yes, mine nurses on blankets. We noticed him doing this with our comforter, our throws, basically all our blankets. So, we took an old blanket and cut it into smaller pieces. He has one for every room in the house.

Mary Ann Hooten

My Boston-Jack (yes, I know. Dad got in the pen..) still does this even though she is 8 years old. Taken from Mom at 8 weeks.

Stephanie R Ryan

Yes both my Bostons did this.

Nancee Gayle Gillis

My Mollee does the sucking on her toys. My Dad’s BT also did blankets.

Roe Myers

Mine tucks her nose under a blanket or pillow all the time.Callie is eight years old.

Sarah Waugh

Here’s my Monty with one of his “suckies”

Krista Massarella

My sully…. he’s 7 ❤️

Joan Weitzel Horne

YES! We miss her so much.😢

Brittni Spiva

Vickie Morris Gilliam READ!!!

Denis-Karen Gale

Our Bostons eat stuffed animals but love blankets!

Norma Jean Welker Hufnagel


Janet Boyd

yes all the time

Shelly Fishco

Lindsey Willy

Lindsey Willy

haha! just took a video of Hunter sucking on his stuffed porcupine thing =)

George Morley

My Pudgy nursed the furry side of her doggie bed.

Suzy Q Jordan

My Phoebe did….she was a puppy mill rescue at 16weeks..she would hold her fleecie with her paws and suck on it. So sweet and heart wrenching at the same time.😔

Felicia Gaffney

My momma dog did. She’d put herself to sleep sucking on her first plush toy. She’d suck it’s nose. I did have to replace it once when she wore it out around the face. I never knew if I should do anything about it or not. But seemed harmless. And felt sad if it was b/c she was weaned too early… she was 6wks old when we took her home…

Ryan Roysden

Yep one of my three Bostons does it in a regular basis

Denise Klotz


Tommy Bowen

doing this right now. for hours

Susan Blackwell
Susan Blackwell

Mine sucks his blanket. He’s 3 now and on his second one. He and his two brothers were taken off their mother’s milk at two weeks, because she dried up. Put on goats milk. One of his others brothers prefers Teddy bears!!

Debi Troglin

All of mine did they need it

Sharon Lovelace

Mine nursed on my forearm for the day he died. We had 5 BTs and he was a he only one who nursed on my arm his sister nursed her blankie. Miss Bonnie and Clyde.

Deborah Lundeen

Oh my yes. Mine had a special “monkee” she could find in a toy box buried under other toys. She wanted only that one special monkee. She also had a special blanket.

Shanna Louden

Yes our Henry does. Makes a cute noise too. Then he falls asleep.

Sandy Hyett

Nursing and splooting! So Boston!!

Deborah Corry

Yes mine do. It is not harmful and it’s very comforting for them. I just give them their own blanket or pillow

Noel Stiles

Hi Tim, My Boston Jonty also does this. He brings his blanket into the lounge. He treats his blanket like a pacifier ( dummy in our terms ) Has done this since he was a pup.

Angie Lilly

Yes mine do all the time

Phoenix Emrys

Yes! My little Bugsy is part Boston part pug and he does this all the time

Verna McGlone

My Buster, who is no longer with us, used to do that.

Joyce Pearson

Yes I have one Boston that thinks it’s a pacifier. The other two don’t do it.

Laurie Simpson

mine stuffs stuffed animal- shreds them like snow/confetti

Michael Hicks


Eva Ellermann

Jes 🙋‍♀️💪😊

Dominick Salerno

Mine is almost 6 and has had a suckle his whole life

David Goodpaster
David Goodpaster

My female Boston gathers up her blanket and sucks on it like a pacifier.

Anne West

I bought a rubber pacifier for her. She loves it

Anne West


Emma Szentgyorgyi

Abby can’t fall asleep without sucking on a soft toy ♡♡♡

Peg Regis Stevens

Yes, my Bubba did!

Rita Carlson

2 out of the 3 Bostons I have had did this. It seems to calm them down.

Kathy BraddockBurge

I had a Pit that did but not any of my Boston’s

Candace Jackson

Hollie Thomas

Hollie Thomas

I think it is the cutest thing ever.

Candace Jackson

Hollie Thomas me too ❤️❤️❤️

Connie Severson


James Okey

Mine always licks Blankets. I’ve never seen another dog do that.

DeeDee Knierim-Couch

Yes. It is common for younger pups that are weaned from nursing. My baby Max nurses and neaded a bear. He kept it his whole life till he was 12 1/2 . I tried to replace it but he knew and would panic. It was buried with him precious

Faye Parton Flynn

yes beautiful baby

Elaine Skerrett Cammarosano

They all do that. It’s their comfy zone!

Sally J Reid

No, just a pillow he has always done that

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

Yes, my boy is 13 and still does it.