Anyone else have a Dog with an Obsessive Behavior?


Here is a Question from Kim asking other Boston Terrier owners about obsessive behaviors.

She says : “I have a 3 year female Boston named Nico. She is OBSESSED with licking rocks and bricks. She becomes very frothy in the mouth and almost cross eyed. She’s a rock addict. 

Nico has been checked out by the vet and doesn’t have any GI issues or deficiencies. Our trainer said it is obsessive behaviour and we should try to break her of it by distraction but if it gets worse or distraction doesn’t help she may need to be medicated. I am able to divert easily with distraction but it still happens all the time and I don’t want to medicate her.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so what do you do? Any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Anyone else have a Dog with an Obsessive Behavior?

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Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson

My 11 year old loves to go outside after it rains and eat all the worms. He goes all around looking for them. I call him to come in the house and he pays no attention to me.

Cat Cruse

With patience and distraction or training, licking the bricks and rocks may stop…or something else may replace it. Our (dearly departed) Teri had the same licking habit, only it was us she couldn’t stop licking *lol* I can’t help but wonder if she was bored, therefore developed the habit…? In any case, I’m thinking the licking is a “Boston thing” , and all we can do is make sure they aren’t licking anything hazardous if at all possible. Best of luck! 🙂

Antonia McGuire

My Boston Licks The Wooden Legs On A Wicker Foot Stool My Mom Used Before She Passed Away. My Boston Still Finds Comfort…..Licks, Smells, On Occasion Puts Her Toys On Top Of It.

Judy Durante

We could not bring any balloons in our house with my dog Bob. That included any blow-up furniture, toys or kiddie pools. Bob-dog would not stand for that nonsense!

Sherry Mensch Stewart

My Moogie licks everything, floors, furniture, the other dogs, blankets, anything she is in front of and sometimes just won’t stop.

Isabelle Beauchemin

Her ball, she takes it everywhere!!!

Shawn Rutledge

Yes ball obsessed oh brooms dustpans shovels rakes attacks them lol


Put him on a good diet with lots of broccoli in his food. Really does help. He has a deficiency. I give my Boston salmon kibble broccoli . He looks so beautiful. When I got him at 4 years he had red burning skin rash and coil my stop licking. Dogs need healthy food too!

Kim Martin

Me she wants to eat all the time

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

The minute we open our bedroom door ours runs in, jumps on our bed and beats up my husbands pillows. And licks the pillow case or sucks on it.

Charlie Fusco

Yes! My Boston is near 4 and still has to eat everything in sight. Just spent $175.00 this week at the vet’s trying to get her well from licking liquid organic fertilizer which gave her explosive diarrhea. She also destroyed my extra pair of glasses too. Not a good week. Another neurotic behavior is that she starts shaking from the second we head toward the car with her until she sees our front door again. She pants so heavily I think she’ll have a heart attack. It’s tough. We have to keep her in a baby bed to control her… Read more »

Deborah Ruelle

My 13 year old Boston has always loved licking my leather sofa. He just goes faster and faster until I make him stop 😂

Ruth Lawrence

I have one obessed with his toys. Destroys them and no one can have them including my other dogs. But of course there are MANY toys in the house and they all want the toy the other one have. Go figure lol

Marianne Luz Kane

It must be a Boston thing 😄

Shardell Moffat

Brutus is OBSESSED with fetching his ball. Wilson Jr. Tennis balls are his very favorite.

Gustavo Paulin Aquino

My dog blue used to destroy any toy he got no matter if is brand new or old , he enjoyed taking out what is inside the stuff animal . but i still love him.

Josh Bowling

Casey Colbert

Casey Colbert


Josh Bowling

Yep that’s why I tagged you

Frederick Martin II

Yep !! I’ve got three !!

Christine Lowe Rieder

Lol…my Bostie girl can’t go to sleep unless she has collected her bones and toys at the bottom of my bed….puts them under the covers…then sleeps under covers like a chicken on her nest….every night…

Skip McDowell

Yes, our Boston leaves his favorite rawhide bone in the middle of the doorway, opens any closed door, and licks the blankets.

Amy Jo

Also… he takes a few kibbles out of his bowl and drops them in the hallway before he crunches away on them one by one. Goes back for a few more…drops them in the hall and then…crunches them one at a time. He makes them sound yummy. LoL

Sabrina Bryan

My dog won’t eat until you put his food down, then he looks at it, then you have to pick it back up and put it down again. Lol

Jason Grzybowski

Our female likes to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of pretty much anything in front of her face.

Becky Casto Ledford

I had one that was obsessed with his rubber ball, he took it everywhere , even to potty and never dropped it. He slept with it , took it in the car etc.

Stephane Gingues

Jouer avec la BALLE… Playing BALL…!!!

Bill Guidry

My late buddy chuck, was a floor licker and would suck on a tennis ball forever and make all kind of weird noises.

Heather Adams

Yes…my boy has quite a few ticks…I’m very much ocd so I picked up on his repetitive habits quickly….luckily it’s nothing bad so I let him do it 🙂

Megan Mays

I used to have wooden doorway beads in my bedroom. Our pug would have to touch them with her face when she came in. If they were tied to the sides and she walked passed them, she had to go back out and come in again and touch the beads. 😄

Scott Musgrove

I have a lab that will suck on a blanket whenever he smells food.

Elizabeth Punkin Todd

They lick everything. Mine licks whatever and strokes himself. Yes strokes his johnson.

Elizabeth Punkin Todd

I have video but am to embarrassed to share, Otis is a pistol,

Tami Miller-Burton


Cookie Kennedy Kebbekus

playing ball