Anyone ever bought a Pair of Sneakers or Winter Boots for their Dogs?


Here is a Question from Ayana who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners about sneakers and winter boots for dogs.

“Has anyone ever bought a pair of sneakers or winter boots for their Boston? If so how do you determine the size? Do you know any good ones and where I can find an inexpensive pair? Please share”

The question is now asked to you Boston Terrier owners! Have you ever bought a pair of sneakers or winter boots for your Boston Terrier dogs? Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to share? Leave a comment below 🙂

Anyone ever bought a Pair of Sneakers or Winter Boots for their Dogs?

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Nancy Cochrane

My girl had the same coat, same boots. She used to love them a lot on cold days. This was our Lily.

Pat Therrien

Check at LL Bean.

Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

Yes and they fell off after 10 minutes. It was a waste of money.

Debra Sears Farmer

I used to live in Montana & I bought boots and socks for my BT. He also had a coat that had a secondary flap that went from bottom of the coat to between his hind legs and divided in two flaps that connected at his lower back. It kept his unmentionables from dragging through the snow. He used to ride on the sled and atop of our snow skis so he was often in deep snow. Miss that boy, he was a fabulous pooch! Fearless and always ready to play! That was 39 years ago.

Colette Courcelles


SarahJane Smith

I thought that was Max for a minute

Colette Courcelles

i know, that is what max does all right. but its not max.

Diane Harris


John Rowbottom


Denise B O'Donnell

Yes returned them he hated them

Christina Degg

Looks like thinking about those boots and thinking hurry up take the pic then they can come off. Have to have strong bite proof hands to get them on ours. Lol

Vanessa Brown

Tried.He wore them twice and then they just mysteriously disappeared one by one.

Judy Higgins-Parker


Mara Ores


Tammy Morrison

yes we bought ours booties with velcro kinda like what you have he hated them oops sorry for the truth


no. But we do have sweaters & a rain coat


All three of my dogs own muttluks. They refuse to go potty when it is super cold unless they are wearing them. Muttluks are the best ones out there in my opinion, they may be pricey but my 9 year old Boston has had the same set for 8 years and they will last another eight.

Kim Watkins

Bought mine converse but she won’t let me get all 4 on at once

Erma Bray


Lisa Hunter

Bought two different pairs…both epic fails

Mary Rieder

Clyde got his off in a minute, looked reproachabled…

Tom Fulkerson

Would not set still for that.

Texanna M Yost

Yes but can’t find a pair that will stay on

Joanne Ardito Hamel

I tried several pairs before finding ones that stay on. Smaller sizes are best. I took Bella with me to the store to try them on. Good luck!

Texanna M Yost


Karen Morris

She is so cute your little Bella. My Boston walks the same exact way, fast and precise. Lol

Jennie Miller

I might have to get Parker some!


yes. They’re the worst

Jill Blythe

Live in Texas so not much need here!!

Joanne Ardito Hamel

Bella loved hers!

Lisa Dix

Tom Davis 😁

Tom Davis

Make it so! Heh

Nicky Robinson

Bought mine boots, she managed to keep them on for almost a minute !!

Peggy West

I just bought some non-skid “socks” for my Boston to help him get better”traction” on hard wood floors…