Anyone ever had their Female Boston Terrier Spayed when she was older?


Here is a question from Lesley asking other Boston Terrier owners if they ever had an older female Boston Terrier spayed.

She says : “Hi. Anyone ever had their female spayed when she was older? My Boston terrier Dolly is 11. I have had her 3 year. The previous owners bred her a few times and the vets have advised me to have her spayed as older dogs can get Pyometra which could kill them. I am worried she is maybe too old to have an opp she is very healthy so shouldn’t be a problem. I now have a male Boston who is 4 months and he will be getting neutered at some point… I would love to have some Boston babies but Dolly is too old so wouldn’t do that to her. Any advice would be great.”

Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations?
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This is Dolly on left and Buddy on right.

Anyone ever had their Female Boston Terrier Spayed when she was older?

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Debbie Oglesby

I had a 5 yr old spayed and she did fine but unfortunately she ended up with mammary gland cancer anyways.

Livi Thule

I can’t see that being a problem at any age, unless there are underlying health issues, that make surgery a risk.

Lesley Pearson

they will run blood tests first too see if all is fine.

Linda Grace

I had mine spayed at 10. She developed a uterus infection and the vet insisted she be spayed. She came through just fine, and I wish I had done it years earlier. She’s 14 now and going strong.

Lesley Pearson

this is a post a about my dogs . Dolly is 11 and they say I should get her done and was wondering if anyone had this done at an older age ? I think I would probably have to for health reasons .

Diane Tomasone Stull

Mine was 6 and she had no problems.

Peggy Williams

Had mine spayed at 10 years….. … someone who really didn’t care for her, gave her to me and I had her spayed, shots and chipped….. she is such a happy girl now …

Lesley Pearson

I got Dolly off someone 3 years ago and she’s had quite a few litters. she is 11 . hoping she will be ok if I get her spayed. always worry because of her age. x

George Fenwick

Jinx spayed at 3 to avoid seasons as we are too old to cope with pups. no problems after she healed – just lathargic for a few days then slowly got back to her old self

Jeanie Shelton

I’d get a second opinion from a totally different vet.

Lesley Pearson

it’s been quite a few vets that’s said that and I have looked online about it also. I just worry because of her age .

Jeanie Shelton

Lesley Pearson so would I. At that age, I don’t know that I would put her through major surgery.

Gloria Clayton

I spayed my girl late. The vet insisted because she had a false pregnancy and even had milk. He said if we didn’t she was likely to have breast/internal female works tumors or cancer. She was probably 6 to 7 years old when we had her spayed. She came through like a champ. Lived to be 16. Just lost her this spring. Also a champion napper😊. 💖

Rita Coleman

Been wondering about that. And mine is 9.

Joanne Pratt

Megan Perrin

Stephanie Moreland

Same as 👆🏼. I have a 9 year old male that is still intact.

Jamie Groth-Temple

I would say talk to your vet about it you and the vet know the dog best and what’s best for him or her.

Jo Clark

Not sure what you mean by older, but I got my girl spayed at around age 4 or so. She was a rescue. We had no issues at all.

Lesley Pearson

I mean when they are older as Dolly is 11.

Madeline J. Power

Trapper Joel hbu

Lianne Moreno

Good question! I have a 10 yr.old male that needs it done as well!👎

Russell Lalevee

My normal evening getting home from work and eating on our porch…

Judy Higgins-Parker

Lol…too cute!

Mary Michna

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