Anyone experienced Nictitating Membrane aka Cherry Eye with a Boston Terrier?


Here is a Question from PJ asking other people about Nictitating Membrane aka Cherry Eye.

She says : “Has anyone experienced nictitating membrane aka Cherry Eye in a Boston. Any info is greatly appreciated! We are looking at purchasing an 11 week puppy who has this.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Anyone experienced Nictitating Membrane aka Cherry Eye with a Boston Terrier?

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Sorensen Misti

they are still available send text here 865 x 465 x 9417 for more details.

Valerie Palmer Roy

Easily fixed with surgery if it doesn’t fix itself

Tonya Connelly

Mine had it as a puppy. He had surgery and he has been fine ever since.

Peggy Suleski-Lucykanish

Yes my dogs came out when he was nervous


Me too

J.J. Zeitvogel Arriaga

Henry Arriaga

Frederick Martin II

Awe !! No thank God !! Poor baby !!

Sharon Balsor

yes ,massage is good if you are careful, if have known of a few with this.

JoEll Marie Abril

Yes! We had our Boston’s removed and it never grew back =)

Karen Frisby Frehner

Mine had it in both eyes. Had the surgery at 9 months old and she has been fine since. She is now 3 yrs and very beautiful! Good luck to you and your baby.

Lis Strauch Wagner

Oh yes, they just popped it back in.

Cassie Davis

Mine had it as a puppy too. It’s caused by genetics. He had surgery, too, a few years ago and it’s been just fine ever since. There are two types of surgeries for this disorder. One is to remove it and the other is to surgically fold it back in place. I highly suggest not removing it because it means they will not be able to produce tear drops and it can cause more issues down the road.

Susan Gobin

Both my bostons. It is genetic, my girls had to have surgery,

Lisa Burtnett

Yes! Our first Boston did. Had surgery once without recurrence.

Kimberly Morlock

Yes and I watched a YouTube video on how to fix it. It actually worked and it’s never happened since

Areta Walker

Our Lucy had cherry eye two yrs ago which eventually resolved . Massaged area and used antibiotic oint

Erika Bronson

My little lucy lu had this problem as well

Lisa Wambolt-Smith

My Boston had it around 6 months old. My husband massaged it back in, reappeared once and then never returned 🙂

Michael Stafforini

Yes had to have surgery to correct it but after that no more problems

Linda Osburn

Yes…not a problem had it surgically removed.

Jody Gordon

Cory Suitter & Tyler

Dawn M. Wilkins

Yes … Mine is too old for surgery tho. Eye drops help…

Diane Restrepo

My Boston, Fenway, had cherry eye in both eyes at 8 weeks old that required surgery to remove at 6 mos. old. My vet said it could be an indicator of systemic health problem which we discovered later.

Jodi McGough

My Betty Boop has it. She had the surgery when she was 12 weeks old but two months later it was back. She had two other procedures and none of them were successful . She is 11 years old now and is blind in that eye. It doesn’t bother her, it just looks bad from time to time.

Peggy West

Mine did and come to find out his blood pressure was out of sight. He is on blood pressure meds and a baby aspirin and he’s great!!!

Yolanda De La Rosa

Yes my chico had to have surgery.He was 4 months old.

Cheryl Estock

Yes, our Mia developed it when she was 3 months old had the surgery to tack it in place

Catalina Rodriguez

Felipe Rodriguez


My boy Jaxx has a cherry eye too. He needs surgery, they’re gonna stitch it back up. We tried massage and eye drops but unfortunately that didn’t work. It doesn’t really bother him but his eye is more sensitive to infections.

Angie Duval

Cherry eye no. However my Boston has had reacurring users in his eyes. He has had surgery on both his eyes.

Ana Nomis

What kind of surgery did they have to do for the ulcers? My dog sleeps with his eyes open and had a bad ulcer which required stitching his eye shut to heal. The doctor wants to do a surgery to help his eyes close easier and I’m worried about it.

Angie Duval

At first they did a couple different drops and i had to keep him in dark rooms as much as possible for weeks. He had 1 on each eye (at different times) that just wouldn’t heal and needed surgery. I’m not sure what it’s called but they basically scrape the dead cells and ulcer off the eye lid and he had an antibiotic pill and more drops/cream after that. The hard part about Boston’s eyes are they are bulgy and they don’t have the extra eye lid for protection like most other dog breeds do, leaving them prone to eye… Read more »

Diane Blizek

Yes, and I had both her eyes operated on. It worked well

Pat Horton

Yes…. we were lucky our vet rubbed her eye and drops it hasn’t happened again…Next time we will do surgery…

Liz Wood

Yes I have a girl who has them

Jill Gonzalez

Yes had it years ago the tack it down painless and easy recovery

Paula Bracken

both my bostons had them. vet gave me a creme and they went away

Melissa Ann Dancer

Just happened to mine this Friday he’s 7 first time , the vet pushed it in and he is on allergies drops

Deanne Comito

Yes! When she was 1. It was scary at first, but the anti-inflammatory meds the vet gave her worked really well. She is 6 now and no problems.

Kathleen Knoll

.looks painful

Travis Brady

Joy Smith Brady

Mona Thornton

I believe this is not unusual. I don’t think (nor do I recommend, what I did in your case) you can do what I did from the size of the “cherry eye”, but when my bt was a pup, I noticed a small red dot occuring near the corner of his eye. (don’t know if it was cherry eye or something else). I took warm compresses and gently “pushed” the tiny protrusion back and in a few minutes it was gone and never returned.

Stephen Rhineberger

Called cherry eye. Easily taken care of by easy procedure.

Francine Digiorgio

Our darling Boston Darla developed it when she was a puppy. Our local vet did the surgery and has been without any issues since..

Erika Bronson

Our little lulu too!

Sharon Balsor


Sharon Balsor


Nicole Vd Merwe

Experienced it only once when my Boston was 6yrs old (she’s 8 now). Quick trip to vet, set of drops for 5 days, and never had it again.

Patty Groweg

Daisy is 9. About a year ago one started after a particularly frantic squirrel chase. (Maybe too much excitement?) Anyway I read that you can massage it back in. I had her calm and laying down. I began by stroking her and talking very calmly. She almost went to sleep. I had a warm wet wash rag that I used to help massage her cherry eye back. She hasn’t had it since. Hers was very minor…not sure how it would work on a major one.

Mona Thornton

I did the same thing and it worked, too, but his “cherry eye” was smaller then the one in the image.

Kathleen Beckford


Monica Chairez

I continue to massage it back in everytime when she was a puppy. By time she hit a year her eyes finally caught up to the rest of her body. No surgery needed.

Sarah Cannon

My baby was the same. Just took some time and massages. I never let it get really bad. The second it started I massaged it


Me too

Judy Fox Bibb

Our vet removed in both eyes at 4 months old gone and he is beautiful now he is nearly 3

carolann hennen
carolann hennen

Your vet can fix this. Do not wait. It requires a simple surgery. Costs about $150.

Brian Kniceley

We have had several Bosties with it….Some were rescues and some were our own. A quick trip to the vet and a little minor surgery clears it right up.

Crystal Gordon

Yep, mine had them in both eyes.