Anyone have any Tips to Get a Boston use to Water and Swimming?


Here is a question from Denny Sigmon :

“I need your help. I want to get my Boston Terrier use to water. So he can go swimming. Does anyone have any tips?”

Does anyone have any experiences, suggestions or recommendations to share about getting a dog use to water and swimming? Join the discussion!

Boston Terrier named Raven Enjoying her Pool (Photo)

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Sean Pica

My Boston is 6 months old and seems to love water. I’ll be teaching him this summer to get out of the pool on his own. I think he’s gonna be a swimmer, and will need to watch him around water if he’s not in a leash. My previous Boston hated even going out in the rain.

Gee Dee

Beatriz Eloy-García de Andrés

Nicole Giacalone Gentile

Jenna loves pools and splashing in all waters

MaryJane Heinze


Connie Maloney

They are one breed of dogs that cannot swim!!!