Anyone knows Why my Pup dig when he wants to Sits or Lay down?


Here is a question from Sarah who wanted to ask why her dog digs when he wants to lay down.

She says : “Hi! I’m a proud owner of a Boston called buddy… he’s very bright I’ve already taught him to sit and to give a paw! I have one question though which I’ve googled but can’t seem to make much sense….my pup has started to “dig”…when he sits on my lap or if he’s in his bed or on the blanket on the sofa, he seems to do it quite a lot. Google suggested he’s doing it to get comfortable but he does it for around a minute or two? Any suggestion why he’s doing it or is this normal behaviour? Many thanks x”

Does anyone knows why?
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Anyone knows Why my Pup dig when he wants to Sits or Lay down?

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Vicki Lewis

I think it just some thing that

Lynn de la Torre

Both my girls nest like that. Just getting their sleeping quarter perfect! Must be a genetic thing!

Jennifer Mcconnell

Nesting instinct

Jen Holloway

bostons like to be under covers… all mine do

Teresa Hethcox Riddling

Mine does cause she wants to be covered up!

Betty Sinor

He is making his nest so he can rest comfortably

Mary-Jo Hatter-Birgensmith

It is normal.

Sabin Feisbuchescu

It’s a feat of terrier dogs. They’ve been trained to dig for pests and other animals that live in the ground.

Gordon Coop

This is common dog behavior. Some breeds do it more than others. In thier wolf linnage. All the Bostons we have been owened vy have donr this. We currently have two and they both do this.

Madeline J. Power

Trapper Joel u know?

Nadia Pereira

Yes they are trying to do a dog trying to teach mine not to do it in my leather sofa,lol

Skip McDowell

Ours does it. Also, he leaves his favorite bone in the middle of a doorway or hall. If we move it he puts it right back. And, he hates closed doors and will open every door he can. What a character Bob is.

Karen Morris

Mine does this also and hides treats in crazy places in the house then cover them up.

Nicky Robinson

My 8 yr old has done it since being a puppy, still find it cute though !!!

Carrie Jo Cramer

Mine does it

Melissa Leonard

They’re trying to next. Build their bed

Christi Garringer

Finding the perfect spot…..

Preston Gordon

Its instincts to make sure bugs arnt there and to warm up the spot

Tom Fulkerson

Making their nest.

Todd Bible

They are “bedding” down.

Mark Hutchinson

It’s called ‘nesting’ and they do it from birth. I have two / and only one does.

Deborah Ralph Girardin

Every Boston I’ve had has done the nesting in the blanket and hiding their treats in imaginary holes they have dug.

Inge Law

she hides toys under the blanket

Inge Law

my boston does this nothing wrong

Jill Gonzalez

All of mine did that. My last girl 12 yes just started doing it. It’s fine

Christine Lowe Rieder

Yep. Throwback from their wolf ancestors .. wolves dig a bed on the ground to keep warmth. Our modern dogs do this on our beds! Lol

Pamela Denny Ruid

My boyfriend says my BT thinks she’s a cat when she does that, lol.

Bethany Spielman

My dog used to dig all the time, lol

Carol Bond

Hmmm… my google search brought back this link:

Jo Clark

If you ever notice, if they have a blanket, they “dig” at it to get it juuuuuuust right before they lay down. I think it’s the same thing.

Charlie Fusco

My 4 year old Boston does the digging thing too.

Judith Lacroix

Yes it is nesting.

Janet Dutra

Making a nest!!!!

Tanya Liesmann Harrell

I’ve read it’s an inherent instinct animals have from bedding down in the wild. They would circle and kick and dig to make sure no predators are laying where they want to sleep. All my bostons have done it, cats do it too!

Joey Aitken

Digs blanket, settles in, sucks on blanket til asleep

Anita Sanders

Momma said, back in the day, that they were getting bugs out of their beds…lol

Lynne Ward

Both mine do it nesting like same as cats knead

Beth Annathia

Mine did it. He had his bed. Would dig flip his blanket around then settle in.It was amazing to watch. He also would take treats and toys hide them and cover them up. Sometimes dig as if he burying them.

Brenda Rojas

My boston does it to. I. Think to get comfortable. Love my boston

Sandra Bohn

I think its a Boston trait nesting

Monica Chairez

My Pepper does it to get comfy. She even has a special blanket she prefers to lay on or under depending on the weather

Brenda Geluk

Al dogs do. Wolfs do.

Debbie Oglesby

I tell mine that they are so spoiled because they have to improve a soft sofa with a thick plush blanket on it.

Sheri Vaughan


Niko Duran

I love when they do that. My fresh laundry and blankets always get the Boston nesting treatment

Brian Kniceley

Just making a bed, or seat more comfortable….All of ours do it too.

Judy Jerue

It’s an animal instinct.