Are you a Boston Terrier Mom? Happy Mother’s Day!


Here is a picture that is specially for all of the moms of Boston Terrier(s).

Are you a Boston Terrier mom? 🙂

Like and share the following image if you are a happy mom of Boston Terrier(s)!

Boston Terrier Mom

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Paul Martinez

Agatha Martinez

Heather Garrison

My Mia love her to pieces ❤️

Jeanie Shelton

I have a question for all of you. This morning I took Kosmo to a new vet (new area), because he was passing watery blood. He needed his anal glands expelled. Over 68 years, I’ve had and seen a number of vets do this. I have never ever before heard a dog scream in such pain. One gland ruptured. What are your thoughts on this?

Johnny McCormick

Mirka Danková Stanislawczyk

Gabriella De Gouveia Rodrigues

Fabio Macedo 🙋🏻