At What Age Do Boston Terrier Dogs Start to Gain Weight?


Here is a question from Virginia who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners when their dogs started to gain weight.

She says : “Our Boston terrier was born 1/3/2015 and is now 5 months old.  She is very thin even though she weighs about 13 pounds.  She has very long legs.  I gave never had one that looks quite like her.  At what age do they start to fatten up?”

Does anyone have any experiences?
Please SHARE yours! 🙂

This is a picture of her :

At What Age Do Boston Terrier Dogs Start to Gain Weight?

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mine started at 7 after getting neutered. He is like a little vacuum ever since lol gotta watch out the portions

Alice Ellis

I lost 1 in 2013 @ age 15. I have a 14 yr & 2& a half.

Sheila Hryniuk
Our girl was baby sat by grandma for 25 days, while we where on holidays. She was a slim 2 year old at the time. We came home to a very round sausage for a dog after our holidays unfortunatly. ???? she fed her a lot of “treats”. Since then we have had difficulty with her weight. She is now 6 years old and still thick in the shoulder and neck area. And a whopping 26 pounds!!! *shakes her head. We have her on organic dog food lamb, beef, prairie chicken no grains or soy or meat byproducts…. but still….… Read more »
Tom Lawniczak

None of mine have never really gained weight.

Maria Jose Verde

Douglas Lobo