At What Age Do Boston Terrier Dogs Start to Gain Weight?


    Here is a question from Virginia who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners when their dogs started to gain weight.

    She says : “Our Boston terrier was born 1/3/2015 and is now 5 months old.  She is very thin even though she weighs about 13 pounds.  She has very long legs.  I gave never had one that looks quite like her.  At what age do they start to fatten up?”

    Does anyone have any experiences?
    Please SHARE yours! 🙂

    This is a picture of her :

    At What Age Do Boston Terrier Dogs Start to Gain Weight?

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    mine started at 7 after getting neutered. He is like a little vacuum ever since lol gotta watch out the portions

    Alice Ellis

    I lost 1 in 2013 @ age 15. I have a 14 yr & 2& a half.

    Sheila Hryniuk

    Our girl was baby sat by grandma for 25 days, while we where on holidays. She was a slim 2 year old at the time. We came home to a very round sausage for a dog after our holidays unfortunatly. ???? she fed her a lot of “treats”. Since then we have had difficulty with her weight. She is now 6 years old and still thick in the shoulder and neck area. And a whopping 26 pounds!!! *shakes her head. We have her on organic dog food lamb, beef, prairie chicken no grains or soy or meat byproducts…. but still….… Read more »

    Tom Lawniczak

    None of mine have never really gained weight.

    Maria Jose Verde

    Douglas Lobo

    Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    Can you all tell me what you feed your Boston, we just started call of the wild….

    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    My 6 and half year old boy was a runt, but he’s still no bigger than 14lbs My female is 14lbs and getting fatter, and we free feed. Never had a problem with them over indulging. They eat when they want to.

    Linda Franklin

    I have 3 Boston’s, 2 are 12 and one is 7. The oldest has weighed 21 pounds since he was 4, the other 12 year old has weighed 21.5 since he was five and the youngest who we rescued at 1 year old only weighed 9 lbs but since he was 5 he weighs 28 lbs but vet says it is mostly muscle.

    Jackie Nightengale

    Boston Terriers are very high strung, active dogs that normally do not get over weight. We allowed ours to eat whenever they wanted to by keeping food available for them at all times and ours were never over weight. If there is an over weight issue I would have them checked for another health issue causing the problem.

    Glenda Johnson-Howey

    Mine are almost 8 and 9. Weigh the same as when they were younger.

    Eric Reyemreh

    turns 8 this fall, still lean and mean! (not really mean, though, he is a sweetie)

    Rosemarie Kusserow
    Rosemarie Kusserow

    My BT Hannes has always the right weight, I give him not so much food as he would like to eat, that is it ????????

    Caroline E Macpherson-Mueller

    Might have to start feeding a Boston or any muscular dog a bit lighter, as soon as they are neutered. That goes for boys or girls. A bit less food in the bowl and the same amount added of Pure pumpkin or green beans, will keep them just as happy and well fed.

    Karen Siegel Vuleta

    Tamara Vuleta Turner-Ottke

    Geena Marie Leftwich

    3yrs, but not to much. She swims all the time in my pool, and goes for a walk everyday.

    Gloria Clayton

    My girl Mae Mae was about 6 and started going through false pregnancies, weight gain and ear infections. Had her spayed, put her on a hypoallergenic food, no cornmeal, flour or other grains. She gets lean chicken and turkey as an add on and sweet potato and duck treat. No ear infection and a slim and trim Boston lady at 14. My vet says she is amazingly healthy!

    Megan Mays

    It may depend on the size and the metabolism. For instance, My Baxter couldn’t keep weight on him until he was 8 yrs old. I’m thinking it may be due to him being nervous, hyber and a runt.

    Natalie Michelle Guess

    I have 2 fixed males one is chunky and 6 and the other is 8 and skinny I guess it depends on the dog..the funny thing is the chunky one is more active lol

    Ginger Ponchillia

    My Minnie is over weight a bit and will eat our other dogs food like she’s starved. Lol

    Jeanie Shelton

    I have them 12, 11 and 2 that are 5 years old. If you feed them good quality food, age and health appropriate, in the amounts they should have, they shouldn’t get chubby. Our 11 year old is the only one who leans. Towards a weight problem. If it’s muscle, not a problem, but fat is hard on the heart.
    I have had one who was severely anorexic. That was tough. She is now the 12 year old and healthy.

    Cheryl Estock

    We have 2 female Boston Terriers both 7 yrs old…they have long slender legs and now weigh around 19lbs with muscular bodies but as pups I recall them as being lean and lanky!

    Tim Fougere

    My dog is 10 and she’s still skinny.

    Nancy L Strong

    So far mine haven’t, but I have three and a Bull Terrier less than a year old. They get a lot of exercise

    Shirley Whitley

    AROUND 10 yrs.