Being Cute and Whining isn’t Working this Time to Get What this Boston Terrier Wants!


Here is a video with a Boston Terrier dog named Happy at 2 years old from Sitka, Alaska, USA.

Happy, the boston terrier, wants the new drum and rattle that sits on the table.  Being cute and whining has always worked in the past to get what she wants. It isn’t working this time and she glances at her owner to see if she is paying attention! 🙂

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Cindy Peters Pischel

This is Spike. He’s 5 months old & ears still aren’t up. Any thoughts? He’s my first BT.

Karen King

Derika Douthit Mckenna Douthit Koby Clark

Vicky Lazenby Clemons

Robert Clemons she acts like Stella!

Eivor Malen

Like our Maggie ❤

Meg Kirkendall

My Boston does the exact same things…it shocks me to see how deep rooted the breed behavior is. It isn’t learned,it is

Celna Sousa

Have to agree. I think it is innate. My Boston does the exact same thing lol

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Yep, same

Cheryl Ann

#lucytheboston has one heck of a cry when daddy comes home ❤ love BTs!!

Mrs. Holley

omg I would have totally gave in to that cuteness! #ownedbyabostonterrier 😁🐾❤

Linda Bourque

That usually means it’s very important that he gets a dog treat soon. My spoiled Boston Ringo.

Joyce Powell

That’s what they do! Beautiful girl.

Karen Morris

Awww poor baby. 💕

Breezy Gallant

my bostie does this too* haha

Sandra Fredericks Slack

Mine don’t have to whine, they know they’re going to get it 😀

Deborah Lundeen

Oh, give it to her, life is short and she is adorable after all. Smiling here.

Jeanie Shelton

That baby is so cute. I have two whiners, one of whom, stomps all four paws and throws a hissy, worthy of any southern girl!

Jolene Clark

Worth a try though, right?!