Boston Terrier Breed Standard


According to the Boston Terrier Breed Standard, the Boston Terriers are lively and highly intelligent dogs. One of the characteristics of the Boston Terriers is that they have an alert and kind expression which is reflecting their high level of intelligence.

They have a smooth coat which is generally brindle, seal or black. The dog must have white markings. The general appearance of the dog is a compactly built and a well balanced dog.

The head skull is short and flat on top. The ears stand upright. The eyes are large, round and set wide. The muzzle is short. The jaw is large and square with short teeth. The chest is deep with a good wideness and ribs are well-sprung. The shoulders are sloping and relaxed. This is why the Boston Terriers has stylish movement. The thighs are strong and well muscled. The tail is short. The feets are small and compact.

Boston Terrier Breed Standard

Weight Classes for the Boston Terrier Breed Standard :

  • Under 15 pounds
  • 15 to under 20 pounds
  • 20 to under 25 pounds

For more information about the Boston Terrier Breed Standard, you just have to visit the AKC American Kennel Club website.

Check out the Boston Terrier Breed Standards!

Does your Dog(s) meets the Standards of the Boston Terrier Breed? πŸ™‚
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Sally Spikes

Best pet you could have. Loving, loyal,intelligent can out think you .πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

Morgan Allsop

My two Boston’s are very standard my Bugg is very not standard but that is ok.

Charles Umberger

Mine has “feet”, not “feets”.

The feets are small and compact.

Elaine Skerrett Cammarosano

My Bogey boy at 7 months now is 23.8 pounds and my eight year female is 15 pounds and she rules the roost!

Melitta Dickinson


Joel Ortiz

I have a pair of brothers, one is “breed standard” and the other has a tail.. again, they’re brothers, by full breed parents.. I love these two Jabronies and and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Matt Price

My favorite Boston Terrier was over 25 pounds, so she wasn’t standard, but I loved every ounce of her πŸ™‚

Jackie Giles

My Boston was amazing she was the perfectpet I belonged to her as much as she belong to meshes was killed in a awful accident I miss her so bad

Marta Lindley

Of course! My Buster set them!

Vaynece Lewis

Yes. Even if mine didn’t meet these standards, she’s perfect to me. Best dog I’ve ever had!

RJ Budler

She’s done with this nonsense

Garza Nathali


Martha J. Schultz

Jack 13 lbs.

Denise B O'Donnell

Had 15 in my life 2 with long noses I don’t care if they meet the standard it’s the Boston heart they all had them.

Hedwig Brunner

Schlafenszeit 😴

Colette Taylor-Ferreira

Kiss me. I’m only 9 years old. Smooches.

Joanna Robertson

My Buster 27 pounds and proud of it. His sire and dame are champions. He is fully registered and is my seizure sensing service dog. Very intelligent and lots of frequent flyer miles (I wish they gave those to him).

Janeen Begley

Wow Buster and Cleo could be siblings! She is a petite 16 pounds 😊

Nancy Louise Metcalf Howard

Mine are all mutts according to Akc standards but to me they are perfect😍

Matt Price

Boston Terriers started off as mutts until they were recognized as their own distinct breed.

Jackie Pointer

Beautiful picture

Connie Jordan

Yes she’s beautiful

Joe Freni

Sure does!

Doris Stockwell

Jane, I’m sure you know all this information, but thought I’d share with you!

Carlos Cavazos

17lbs for Gus!

Isabel Tipple

Boston Terrier standards?
Good food and plenty of it.
Nice comfy sofa
Nice comfy bed ( don’t mind sharing!)
Nice garden or yard for sun bathing
Nice smelly walks ( no puddles thanks)
These are the minimum standards, bedtime biscuits, the last of your ice cream, your lap to sleep on whenever I want it…..well, as you know the list can go on….πŸ˜‰πŸΆπŸΎ

Jo Clark

Don’t forget the electric blankie! Mine loves hers!

William Dillon

Karol Vargas

Mack Bennett

That is why the originals (Boston Bulldogs) would never join the AKC, and that is where the red comes from. The “standards” have caused an excessive amount of inbreeding, and with it has come an excessive amount of defects.

Jessica Cuellar

My Mercutio is 32 pounds and perfect on every way πŸ’™

Kathy Parks

My boy looks like yours,,,ears stand up, very short curly Q tail, markings even and diamond on his head, weighs about 36 lbs,,,,we are guilty of spoiling him, so he’s not as lean as he should be. Best dog ever

Jessica Cuellar

You can’t help but to spoil them 😍 that face get’s me all the time.

Karen Morris

It doesn’t matter if my Oliver meets any standards love him bunches. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Joyce Powell

My boys name is Oliver too!

Martha J. Schultz

My second was named Oliver Twist. On my third now. =D

Theresa Brown Penning

If you are not conformation showing, who cares if they meet the breed standard or not as long as they are healthy, adjusted and beloved. Some of our rescues are far from breed standard and are fabulous dogs and true ambassadors for the breed.

Carol Fox


Angela Marie

A not-so-happy Bailey getting his manicure.

Stacy Fiduccia

Darla and Bunny – 6 year old sisters from the same litter ❀️

Kenneth Bristow


Joyce Powell

Sick of the Boston shaming! My red white has a black and white mom and red and white dad. I guess he’s another breed to some? Yet his vet would say other wise as well as his AKC papers.

Katie G Meyer

My new baby is white and brown ❀

Joyce Powell

Adorable! They’re all beautiful!

Mark Black

Buster is a splash. Bailey is his daughter πŸ™‚ she meets standards

Ken Metcalf

She’s beautiful

Adrian Waldman

It’s a breed standard for a reason. It’s the standard for the breed. All doggies are cute but if you have a dog outside of the standard, you have a dog outside of the guidelines of the breed. It doesn’t make your dog less worthy, just means your dog isn’t within the breed standard.

Adrian Waldman

Conscience breeders don’t breed abnormal colors. Black, seal and brindle are the acceptable colors. All dogs are special of course but breed standards should be respected.

Mack Bennett

The red comes from the original breed – the Boston Bulldog – and the color is not standard for the Boston Terrier

Joyce Powell

Adrian Waldman, I happen to know the breed standard is for shows. Cropped ears is not a breed standard and many do it. My Bostons grand parents were black and white and his dad red and white. He has the haggerty spot and the best markings, I have his papers and you can say what you will. He’s a pure bred Boston and post like these try and make owners of Bostons feel like their dogs are mutts. I guarantee my dog is no mutt. I got him to be part of my family. He has the best disposition, he’s… Read more »

Joyce Powell

Adrian Walkman, I happen to know the breed standard is for shows. Cropped ears is not a breed standard and many do it. My Bostons grand parents were black and white and his dad red and white. He has the haggerty spot and the best markings, I have his papers and you can say what you will. He’s a pure bred Boston and post like these try and make owners of Bostons feel like their dogs are mutts. I guarantee my dog is no mutt. I got him to be part of my family. He has the best disposition, he’s… Read more »

Mack Bennett

Never said you terrier was not pure bred. What I said is that the red color is a throwback to the original breed, and the color is not recognized by the AKC. AGAIN, this is one of the MANY colors of the Boston Bulldog.

Joyce Powell

I wasn’t speaking to you Mack Bennett, I was talking to Adrian Waldman.

Jo Clark

Joyce Powell Honestly, not something to get your feathers ruffled over. As long as he meets your standards, who cares, right? I bet he’d meet my standards too. It’s just an official thing, no biggie.

Anna Lucille
Judy Neely

Joyce this not what the people are saying to you. Your. Boston is wonderful!!!!! Much love and I’m sure very beautiful , your dog has papers because of way described when registered. I have 7 beloved bostons some meet the breed standard. Some do not. But I don’t take offense I show conformation and do agility with them, we all live and eat together. They are loved. I feel as responsible breeders we have to respect and breed to the standard of the breed if we truly. Want our breed to be well and healthy and show the beautiful dogs… Read more »

Judy Neely

That’s your beautiful Boston. Our brothers and sisters. Sons and daughters.

Mack Bennett

My Boston Bulldog has papers, but they are not from the AKC

Carol Wesseling Griffith


Ken Metcalf

Peanut is close

Edvard Alcala Narro

Luisa De La PeΓ±a papa e hijo πŸ€”πŸ€”

carol v.
carol v.

My Benny is 10 months old and 21 pounds..wouldn’t take a million dollars for him..most loving fur baby I’ve ever had..


I had a Boston. Brutus the Bull. He was wonderful. Just lost him in July. I want to get another one. Best dogs ever. He to was a large one. I miss him so much.

Frank Shepherd

Aloha from 9 week old Murphy! He’s a purebred “splash” Boston.

Mile Mayer

Nicolas Falduti

Timothy Schenks

Two of our Boston Terriers were only 11 pounds as adults. We had another Boston who was over 35 pounds.

Jeanie Wohl

Yes for sure!!

Ellen Allen

They meet my standards and that’s all they have to do. Couldn’t love them more

Luke Tavener

Well if black and white is standard then no! But he’s still the cutest 😎

Tonyia McNeil Sillett

i dont care if he dose hes my baby boy hes a pet/family it dose not matter

Sharon Merryman

Spudz, 3 yrs old and 23 lbs. ADHD, bottomless pit, NASCAR rip and race around the yard. Sassy, smart, bed hog and steals blankets. Oh, he’s my shadow too.

Tina Handley

I’m in the UK and my boy is 6kg (not sure what that is in pounds) but he’s smaller scale of the breed. Breed isn’t popular over here only seen a couple about to compare

Isabel Tipple

Ours started off that weight but I’m afraid he is now 8.7kg! Doesn’t look overweight and the vet hasn’t made any comment thank goodness. He MAKES me feed him!

Tina Handley

Dodge is 16 months now

Gale Stevens

Ella, Lilly and big sister Poppy. Love my girls β™‘β™‘β™‘

Suzanne Labonte

My Archie is 34 pounds and all Boston!
Our Oscar was 32 pounds.
All of the Bostons we know are closer to 30 pounds than 15-20 that’s for sure! Time to update the definition perhaps?

Tami Miller-Burton

Mine is 30 lbs as well!

Sharon Merryman

Mine is 23 lbs. He rips and races a lot. Very active and a bottomless pit