What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?

Here is a Question from Natalja Rodionova : What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?

“Wanted to ask Boston owners – What is your Boston favourite food? My Dizzy is just in love with cheese.”

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If you don’t know about the foods that are good for Boston Terriers, here is a list with the Human Foods that are Good for Dogs.

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  1. My Loulou doesn’t get any food we cook…how ever, she loves eating anything that falls from out chopping board. Her doggy treats, she’s crazy about apples…she stares at me if I’m eating one…as if she’s telling me to “share” with her. She ADORES bananas. She likes fruits over all.

  2. PEANUT BUTTER. He can’t smell much with his stubby nose, but I open a jar of peanut butter in the next room and he’s there drooling in seconds! He also likes…dirt and hairballs. Eats every dust bunny he can find, he’s sooo gross! Digs them out of corners and under furniture, especially at other peoples houses! Ugh

  3. Chicken, cheese, my rice cakes with Marmite on, lil bit of mums fresh baked cakes. Roast dinners….well I suppose most things. Worried some of the foods above are poisonous to dogs. Some fruits and nuts are. Always check!