What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?


Here is a Question from Natalja Rodionova : What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?

“Wanted to ask Boston owners – What is your Boston favourite food? My Dizzy is just in love with cheese.”

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If you don’t know about the foods that are good for Boston Terriers, here is a list with the Human Foods that are Good for Dogs.

Human Foods that are Good For Dogs

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54 Comments on "What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?"

Franchelle Williams Arnold

Buster Henri Brown – my BT – eats anything, just give him plenty of it.

Jana Holland
February 19, 2014

plain greek yogurt, carrots, and romaine lettuce. my little weirdo :)

Samantha Evans
February 19, 2014


Edie Barbour
February 19, 2014

anything with food in it

Kate Endresz-Roberts
February 19, 2014

Water melon, feta cheese, raw pumpkin, pineapple, weetabix, fried eggs 😉 Have a job getting her to eat some meat !!!

Carika Wannenburg
February 18, 2014

My Boston love apples, bananas and yoghurt! :)

Eric Brown
February 18, 2014

Cilantro. Weird.

Megan Mays
February 18, 2014

hmmm fish

Frank van Boxtel
February 18, 2014

Pretty much everything that is offered.

Sarah J. R. Belanger
February 18, 2014

He loves when he gets carrots or cheese. His absolute favorite is pumpkin, but we don’t let him have it bc his poop smells like it and he’ll go for “more”