What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?


Here is a Question from Natalja who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners about their Boston Terrier Dog’s Favourite Food.

“Wanted to ask Boston owners – What is your Boston favourite food? My Dizzy is just in love with cheese.”

Give your Answer(s) to this Question! Leave your comments! 🙂

If you don’t know about the foods that are good for Boston Terriers, here is a list with the Human Foods that are Good for Dogs.

What is your Boston Terrier Dog Favourite Food?

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Lúcia Stella Kopp Pasquini


Sandi Nerad Edmier


Rhonda Morris Lawrence

My Sadie loves watermelon or carrots!

Michael Stafforini

Asparagus with mayonnaise ice cream popcorn

Diane Pierson

Marshmallows (small ones)

Cindy J. Ray

Anything I am eating

Linda Trout

Peanut Butter!

Jim Nunes

Bagels & cream cheese. I don’t give it to her my wife does! I don’t like letting her have table food– she likes meat but hates any fat on it!!

Sarah Opsahl

All of the above,, lol

Flora Rigotti Guglielmo

You name he loves it

Patricia Kim Hassett Slagle


Pat Berkley

Ice Cream, Pork Roast, really, anything he can get his mouth on!

Jessica Cuellar-Hough

He loves eggs, boiled or scrabbled he does his I want it dance lol. Oh yeah and a pizza crust too 😊

Kim Datzman LeMieux

Carrots and popcorn

Justin T. Tinsley

Cheerios, bacon, boiled eggs, royal canin

Ruth Quigley Bowen

All the above/below

Charlie Fusco

Anything I’m eating.

Renee Willard

Baby carrots

Susan Pursley Little


Debbie Balls

Baked chicken.

Nadia Pereira

Ice cream. Pizza. Cheese. meat

Susan Rosenau


Darin Severns


Ernest E Lange Sr.

Mine likes breaded porkchops.

Matteo Bouchard

Coconut oil

Joy Porciuncula

Beef jerky, and pizza.

Sheri Schilling O'Brien


Christine Kelly

tomatoes and bananas 🙂

Roberto Rizzo


Roger Horn

She would eat just about anything that we eat, with a couple of exceptions. Annie loves french fries, tuna and fried crappie fillets … but she doesn’t get too much people food except for a few vegetables.

Sharon Merryman

My Spudz loves his veggies and darn near will fight you over cantaloupe and watermelon. He loves fruit. He is mostly a table eater, since 99.99% of stuff on the market gives him seizures

Keta Helen


Emilie Rabehi

Cucumbers 🥒

Dan Soper


Marilyn Cota

My Debbie loves cheese

Laura Skorczewski

We’ve never given them people food. We have two.

Toby E Beal


Linda Johnson

Baked salmon and sweet potato ,with spinach lightly steamed.She only begs for this meal.

Matthew Thomas Kowalski

Watermelon, bananas, carrots and peanut butter.

Noel Stiles

Dried cling peaches. He will take a piece out of my mouth if he could.

Jan Adams

I’ve just started cooking all of Bea’s food. She loves it.

Charlotte Suzor

My boy loves the girls. Food dish they get the goodies because they are nursing mom cottage cheese pumpkin eggs all mix together he waits hoping they don’t eat it all so funny

Makiri Sei

All kinds of dog-safe fruit, anything in cabbage family, cukes, zucchini, squash, sweet potato, peanut butter, plain yogurt. I often suspect she is more interested in fruits and veggies than meat.

Jeanne Broussard

Bananas, yogurt and scrambled eggs!

Corey Ann

Watermelon, cucumbers, and cantaloupe! 🐖🐕

Keleigh Slaight

People food of course and lately she is obsessed with shortbread cookies which I can’t give her but she wants so badly.

Patty Groweg

Sweet potato, blueberries, cheese, popcorn, pizza, salmon, chicken, pecans etc…….

Jill Gonzalez


Robin Canning