Boston Terrier Dog meeting a Stuffed Boston Terrier


Here is a funny video of a boston terrier dog named Kori meeting a stuffed boston terrier.

The boston looks like he’s confused wondering if it’s alive! 🙂

Bostons are so funny and smart.
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Gary Miller

mom, i think he is dead? very good

Sandra Mayhugh

I love the expression on your dogs face. The Boston’s are so expresssive. You can almost tell what they are thinking by the expressions they make.

CaLajate RLanreefer


Diane Volk

So funny

Pat Snyder

Douglas Fotia PopTart would “hug” it. 😂😂😂

Pat Snyder

Douglas Fotia 😂😂😂

Douglas Fotia

And Scarlett would have eaten it! loL