Boston Terrier Dog plank to 2001 Space Odyssey


Here is a beautiful video featuring a Boston Terrier dog named Bella. In this video, Bella is showing how she loves to plank across the couch set of the house. She is planking in lots of different places. She even plank on top of a stair.

The video is including a memorable sountrack of 2001: A Space Odyssey which is a 1968 science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

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12 Comments on "Boston Terrier Dog plank to 2001 Space Odyssey"

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Robert Van Buskirk

I don’t like this. Making your dog do silly and uncomfortable things for the camera isn’t funny in my book.

Mary Lou Flores

So obedient 😛

Jennifer Newman

Janet had to share

Janet Williams

Lol Jen– this is too funny! And her name’s Bella too! Thnx for the share 🙂 xx

Jim M Schimmelpfennig

Computer had this problem for days from your posts..I go to the pop up and click on the video and it doesn’t go.. It’s like it is a just picture

Esther Grzegorczak Beilman

Gotta love them Boston’s!!

Boston Terrier Dogs

What is your browser?

Jim M Schimmelpfennig

I can’t play your videos anymore .. I’m ticked and saddened

Boston Terrier Dogs

Are you able to watch the video now?

Boston Terrier Dogs

Really? You are on Mobile or computer?

Jim M Schimmelpfennig

when I go to your page they just won’t load.. wtf