Boston Terrier Dogs are the Best! Here are the Most Common Reasons and Facts!


The Boston Terrier is a popular breed of dog that is now recognized by people from many countries around the world.

Lots of people are getting interested in having this unique dog breed for many reasons! Many people says that they could not have any other dog breed than the Boston Terrier breed. Other people says that they would have more Bostons if they could.

What the reality is, it’s that when you love the Boston Terrier breed, you have to say that the Boston Terrier Dogs are the best and they are for many reasons and facts!

Boston Terrier Dogs are the Best!

What are the Facts and Reasons Why Boston Terrier Dogs are the Best?!

Here is a list with the most common facts and reasons why people are loving this breed! Join the Discussion at the bottom of the page and Share your personal reasons why you love Boston Terriers!

1. They are great family dogs. They are good with kids and also with old people!

2. They are funny dogs that can make people laugh for hours. They have a great sence of humor!

3. Bostons are smart! They have an extreme intelligence. They are among the most intelligent dog breeds!

4. They are practically easy to train because they love to learn!

5. They have a lot of personnality!

6. They are very cute!

7. They are extremely loyal to their family!

8. Boston Terriers are one of the dog breeds that shed very little hair.

9. Boston Terriers are one of the dog breeds that don’t smell like dogs.

10.  They got nicknamed “American Gentleman” because their coat is looking like they are wearing a tuxedo. They look like they are well dressed even if they don’t wear any clothes!

11. The Boston University mascot is a Boston Terrier!

12. They are not yappy. They don’t bark a lot. The only times they do is when it’s necessary. Unsually, they only bark when alarmed by a noise or when they are excited during play time.

13. They are not too small and not too big. The Boston Terrier Breed Standard weight is between 15 and 25 pounds. They can easily be carried. They are the perfect size to take everywhere with you!

14. They can live a long and healthy life. Their life span average expectency is around 11 to 15+ years.

15. They are in the Top longest-living dog breeds!

16. They love to lay in the sun!

17. They are affectionate and they love to cuddle!

18. They have a lot of kisses to offer!

19. They really love to play any games (fetch, frisbee, agility…)

20. They can get along with other dogs, cats and pets.

What do you Love about your Boston Terrier(s)?!

Join the Discussion at the bottom of the page and leave your reasons why you love your Boston Terrier(s)!

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I have Boston terrier and his name is Coco, They are loving dogs , anyone family will love to have, They are amazing dog, Smart and cool in all they do, I love Boston terrier,

Kelli Upton Autrey

Their personality is just precious! Always the little clown. So snuggly and such great company. We love our sweet boy so much.

Rose Chavez Ybarra

They are medicine for your soul🐾

Marguerite Tenorio

They make GREAT therapist! They love to watch movies 🎥

Vera J Fuhs

I love my Boston Terrier, Bogart’s. He is the best friend ever. He it’s smart, loving and is my protector. He follows me everywhere. I love him to the Moon and back.

Lorrie Henriquez

Greg Ogdon

Cornelia Horn

Ours is a kid, we can not wait in afternoon to go home, he is always joyable friendly and stubbern. But we love her. ❤

Noel Stiles

PLEASE don’t have a go against Stanton.

Lauren Rose

Ron Renner

Kelly Phillips

I love my Bogart because he is the silliest, most animated, affectionate, loving, loyal, playful, blue eyed cutie I’ve ever seen.

Suzy Shaw

Steven Buddy Hallman 🐾❤️

Marcela Ospina


Gail Robinson

All the answers are right on . Very loyal and can be jealous as they want you all to themselves! Love to cuddle under the covers and snore and lay upside down and love their bellies rubbed! My weezie is eleven is still on high energy lets play ball!

Nicky Robinson

They are fun, energetic, playful, loyal little dogs who will snuggle, snort and snuffle their way into your heart ❤️

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

All statements true! They’re big cuddlers,clownsloyal, smart with strong personalities. They’re like perpetual toddlers. They will steal your heart. BEST DOGS EVER!

Debbie Oglesby

They’re 3 yr old toddlers that never grow up! Lovable and bratty!

Jennifer Bates

They just ARE!!!!! <3

Eric R Brown

A High School Friend of mine, got married and adopted one. Met it as a puppy for the first time, with bulldog wrinkles. As I had a lot of stress at work, the breed removed it, and made me forget about it. Why I consider them as best companions, despite separation anxiety and teething issues.

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

I’ve been around Bostons for over 50 years, they are the smartest, most loving and sweet natured dogs I have ever know…they almost read your minds they are so smart….my two current girls are foster failures…Hazel the angel Coco the Loco….love them both!

Elena Anagnostou Ceyanes

Love their names

Kathy Kent Burr

This is my Hazel

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Kathy Kent Burr adorable… these are my first red/browns….

Mile Mayer

Lovely 🙂

Mile Mayer

Can i give them a millón of Kisses. ..

Laura Skorczewski

Love that lower lip.

Douglas Fotia

They are adorable bundles of energy, are highly intelligent, fun, loyal and compact enough to hold and hug like a buhhbaby. 🙂

Carla Mills-Paquette

My first Boston, Astrid, was the best dog ever. After we lost her, I couldn’t imagine having another breed. I’m now on my 2nd Boston, Ysabeau, and I know I’ll never have another breed. Love them❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jackie Pointer

We have had 6 in the last 35 years so sad when they pass we’ll never be without one or two

Jorge A Torres

That’s why…

Kathy Kent Burr

Stink eye!❤️

KellyandBoyd Barron

They are the best friend I have ever had !

Jason Ed Oakey

Personality plus!

Mary Watson

They have star quality, and they are just so helpful!

Ana Laura Rubio

They are the best dogs, smart,funny and a good friend.

Ashley Clüver

Jenna-Lea Huxtable Fern Hulme Taryn Andrea Young Samantha White Pamela Smith

Sarah Louise Young

They are so loyal, loving, funny, great personalities. My two are my world.❤️🌹

Mary Henderson Willis

Loving, intelligent, their faces show such emotion and mine hardly ever barks, just snorts sometimes, lol!!🐾🐾💙💙

Laura Skorczewski

I appreciate their individual and strong personalities. They are intelligent, playful, loyal. The list goes on. Those big eyes and squishy faces are adorable. My two make me smile and laugh constantly.

Jackie Pointer

Isn’t that the truth

Marica Bloem

They are like people. Smart, proud and soulmates
I breed with them for 18 years. Each one got his own beautiful personality.

Joe Lee

Loving and smart.

Jill Blythe

Love my Boston Bella! So funny and smart!

Marty Borden

Our girl is Bella, too. We call her “Bella Boo” or just “Boo Boo.” 🙂 Love her to pieces. She’s 5. Our last girl lived to 18 yrs. old. 🙂


I got my bt from my cousin who rescue dogs.i couldn’t picture my life with out him. He was a very sad a depress dog when I got him . But after the first month he came into is own. Boston tierrs are the best. Love him so much

Doris Vara

Eric, I agree with everything you said except “destructive” My little Lily is the greatest little dog.




kisses and cuddles

Virginia Ferea

Perfect companion

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Any of you Boston lovers every have one have problems with neck and spine issues? My Winston may have some congenital spinal changes and has some neck pain and issues we’re trying to deal with….

Jan Adams

Most intelligent and they love to really play games. So loving, and generally, the perfect companion!

Debbie Morgan

BT’s are my favs. I have 4 now= BJ, Two Socks, Minnie Sue, and Josie. We lost Bear to Cancer last Dec. They are the most loving, cute, funny, and mischievious breed. Pure entertainment. Great with kids and other dogs.

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Smart, loving, mischievous.,funny,adorable,

Eric Grubbs

Too many reasons. They are the sweetest, most destructive, loving, playful, cuddliest dogs. You have to love one to understand. Just a great breed.


Maybe I’ve experienced the wrong trainer, but out of all the dog breeds I had in the past, this has got to be the yappiest, silliest dog I’ve ever gotten! Not to mention it chews on everything including my piano and the foyer baseboard, it has the worst of manners jumping on new guests and acts completely stupid (like running so fast it didn’t pay attention until it ran into the base of the stairs ending up hurting itself). This dog not only does all the things above, but also farts and runs from its own crop dusting. Lol. I… Read more »


I think we might have the same dog as yours. Ours never stops barking, runs around like nothing on earth (often bashing his head on the coffee table). Just wants to play ball (nothing else only ball), which we have now started calling the Orb of power because when you have the ball it’s the only time he will listen!
And where is snoring on this list, that must be worse than the crop dusting.

Maryann Hiser

They are the new Orange, and worth every little exciting, insane moment!

Nicky Robinson

They steal your slippers, your bed, and your heart. Wouldn’t be without my little girl Chibi !

Kathleen Glaser Knickle

Jus the Best

Ericka Fortin-Rousseau
Eva Milotová

My sweet little lady Mana :-*

Gerry Johnson

They are fun and very funny. Love them.