Boston Terrier gets a stuffed Boston Terrier for Christmas (Video)


    Boston Terrier discovering his Christmas present under the tree, a large stuffed Boston Terrier! Watch the video with this 18 months old Boston Terrier named Jerry.

    His owner says : “Shy at first, Jerry soon performs his classic ‘Let’s play!’ behavior – usually reserved for the dog park. Getting no response, Jerry takes matters into his own paws and shows the new visitor a thing or two!”

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    Ảo Ảnh
    Charissa Pike

    Christie Pike

    Charmaine Taylor

    The cutest thing Ever. 😂

    Pat Willis

    For Pati and Bill

    Richard Wilcox

    We got one on the Wish cell phone app for $8. Got it the other day. Our Boston just wants to chew on it.

    Sandra Newell

    Lady wants one!

    Rhys Matchan

    Caleb just another reason why I want one.

    Rhona Obouhoff

    Aww needs a Boston play mate…best thing I ever did was get another…

    Christi Joustra

    Ray 😀

    Karen Jensen

    Where did you find a stuffed Boston that large? Would love to get one,

    Stacy Voss

    So cute. Bostan’s are so funny

    Robert Deans

    Rebecca Deans

    Jordan Atchison

    Staci Atchison

    Pam Rehling Young Beck

    Too cute!

    Chris Lenton

    Anne Lenton-May Lucy Lenton

    Greg Johnson

    That’s going to make a mess….lol



    Robert Holland

    Cory Holland, typical Boston behavior! 🙂

    Paola Gonzalez Gomez

    Lennys Arias Adan Gonzalez Gomez

    Bonnie Swan

    Brian. Brandy should get Murphie one of these lol

    Graciela Rodriguez

    Sergio Rojo

    Sergio Rojo

    Just like Lily with her toys!😍 lol

    Sergio Rojo

    What’s up Comi Lissette Rojo?

    Lissette Rojo

    What’s up!!!!!!

    Lissette Rojo
    Sergio Rojo
    Frankie Ann Green

    Jamie Serdy this is what I got Beans for Christmas too! Can’t wait to see what he does 🙂

    Jamie Serdy


    Alvaro Pereyra Davila

    Viviana Soto Denegri jajajajajajajajajajaja

    Viviana Soto Denegri

    Monguitooooo como su dueño jajaajajajajaja

    Pamela Denny Ruid

    I want that stuffed BT! (Already have 2 real ones)

    Viay Molina Sanchez
    Tita Rodriguez Parra

    Awww get him a real one 🙂

    Teresa Crain

    My Boston has the se mannerisms as this Boston. So cute.

    Lauren Marshall


    Barb Fischer

    I have one like this sitting on my bed-I love it and my two pay no attention to it-they have their own stuffies and he’s not one of them-When I go in the bed room he looks so real-I do a double take sometimes-LOL

    Nicky Robinson

    Love it.

    Will Walter

    Our first Boston, Dale got one of these. Let’s just say he thought the stuffed one was a “lady” and had to be thrown away shortly after.

    Megan Mays

    lol i love it when they want to pick a play with someone. my boston does that and throws his head way back, he looks like he’s just losing his mind.

    Christina Yo.

    “There can only be one!”

    Hotel Indigo Atlanta

    that is oddly similar to giving a pig a pig-ear chewtoy isn’t it?? ;o #jussstkidding