Boston Terrier Howling with the Phone Beep Noise!


Here is a video of a Boston Terrier named Nala who started howling when she heard that phone beep noise! Her owner says : “Our Bosti loves to howl with everything that makes noise… It’s too cute!”

Anyone else got a dog that howls when hearing some sounds?? That’s too funny! 🙂

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10 Comments on "Boston Terrier Howling with the Phone Beep Noise!"

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Cami Maston

Sky Nielsen

Aiya Maston

Cami Maston

Megan Mays

oh thats terrible, its hurting his little ears.

Elizabeth Radley

Bostons just howl different than other breeds of dog.

Petro Wagenaar

Oh my Batman (now over the rainbow bridge ) did this too…so cute