Boston Terrier Life Span Average Expectancy


    Are you wondering what is the Life Span Average Expectancy of a Boston Terrier dog?

    The average life span of a Boston Terrier is around 11 and 15 years.

    The life span all depends according to the general health, diet, and living conditions of the individual dog.

    Boston Terrier Life Span Average Expectancy

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    Today I will have to put my Boston Terrier Heidi to sleep, she would have been 14 June 6th. started having issues with her neck a few months ago a disc, they put her on inflammatory and pain meds for 3 months, did great. Then this past week the same thing started happening my husband took her to Vet. same meds, but Friday she began to not being able to hardly stand to walking a few steps and falling down. She quit eating this past Sunday and no way of giving her the meds, can’t swallow them. Breaking my heart… Read more »
    We just lost our Boston on Tuesday after loving her for 11years. Monday night after going to bed she had 2 seizures. Fortunately we were still awake and able to comfort her. My wife took her to the vet Tuesday after yet another seizure and he said she had a brain tumor and at her age, we think 12 1/2 to 13(she was a rescue) he said the most humane option was to put her down. My wife took her home and the vet said to call if the seizures reoccurred. Tuesday evening little Pebbles had two more so we… Read more »

    I am so sorry for your loss!! My Boston is 11 and has had seizures for a while now. I took him to the vet when he had his first one and they told me unless they got closer together and longer there was nothing to do except meds. He still has them but maybe once a month. My question is, how did they find out she had a brain tumor? I am just wondering why my vet didn’t take any further steps to see why this was happening to my dog.


    Just lost Sadie our Boston Terrier last Thursday. She was 13 years old, happy and active until the Monday before she passed.
    Took her to vet who gave her intravenous, blood test and scheduled an ultrasound. Never made it to the ultrasound.

    She passed away in my arms which I still cannot get out of head.
    We are devastated.


    I am so sorrry for your loss.


    Thank you Whitney

    I know all Bostons are different with health issues and life span, and when we got Casey at 7 weeks old she was considered the “runt of the litter” and they charged a bit less. She is the smartest dog I have ever seen…we taught her lots of tricks and she could grab a toy when you specifically named it. Casey is now 11 years old and is hard of hearing…for about a year, the ear cleaner worked, but now the vet suggests to put her under and dig in there to clean the ears, but I have read that… Read more »
    I am writing through days of tears, after just losing my 11 year old best friend Baxter. He was the absolute best dog a person could ask for. He was strong and healthy and happy, with an appetite for any food crumb he could find and an undying love for me, his mama!! I had noticed a decline in his body over the last several months and thought it was him just getting older. He lost no appetite or ability to go potty, everything seemed the same, just a bit slower. I took him to the vet 1 month ago… Read more »
    Dawn Corrigan
    We just lost our beloved Feldman today. He was 12 years 8 months old, and had lived with us since October 2005. We had seen a decline starting last year–we called him the skinny old man–but he still ate and lived with his usual gusto. Last month he started having some edema and the vet put him on steroids. During the past week the edema worsened, and then today, after a final car ride and treat, he was gone. We too thought we’d have at least another year or two with him. He was so smart and well-behaved and cute… Read more »
    Lauren Wright

    I’m so sorry for your loss I too lost my sweet boston just this past Sunday 1/21/18. She was 12 yrs 2 months. We just got the same clean bill of health as well, even was told she had a lot of life left in er, only to wake up to absolute quietness. My Tootie passed during the night. She was my baby I miss her so much. Please everyone cherish the time you have with your babies you never know when they’ll be called home. 😢

    So sorry for your loss. Our story is very similar with our 10 year old girl’s unexpected death on 7/25. This boston was the best dog we’ve ever, ever had. We miss her terribly and a day isn’t going by without tears. In the past, we’ve always been ready to ‘get another dog’, but this time it’s going to take a bit longer we think. She was so animated and special. Seeing it happen at home was also traumatic since there wasn’t really any time for goodbyes. Please know you’re not alone, and that others understand. Again, so sorry for… Read more »

    I too just lost my Ella – we rescued her at 2 years and had her for 10.5 She had a set of cluster seizures a month agi then recovered beautifully. I thought we were good to go – but last Thursday -it started at midnight and nothing they could do would stop them. I have gone through so many boxes of kleenex and can barely stand to come through my door because she is not there. She was so part of our family I miss her so very much.