Boston Terrier Loves 10 Cows and they Love him! (Video)


Here is a video of a Boston Terrier dog who loves cows.

The funny thing is that they also love him! This little Boston Terrier is being loved by 10 cows 🙂

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Melina Koufalis

I love animals. They are so special. Humans need to take notice.

Diane Volk


Nathalie Houle

Ils pensent que c’est un bébé veau !!!! Hihihi

Joshua Adam Hart

Jessica Neundorfer

John Rowbottom


Barbara Savoy

So lovely!

Christina Robertson

Magda Robertson

Doug Kennedy

Hey Bill Guidry

Tammy Samuelson

Good thing that bottom fence wire wasn’t hot. Cows are always curious.

Shelly Fishco

Lindsey Willy!!!!

Patty Miller Ethridge

Cille– memories?!

Phyllis Rhineberger

I love this!

Joan Rn

He’s so cute!

Jan Lindahl

That’s so cute

Susan Cox

I can’t blame the cows I live Boston Terriers too

Beatrice Thieme

omg soooo cute <3

Darrell Paul Gass

Spence is probably a cow dog as well…

Dale Fuller

I think Boston’s should have “licking” down as a character trait- lol, love this…All three of mine would just have a “hay” day with these cows

V Jan Adams

How precious!

Tammy Urban

Laaaaawd! There is NO WAY my two would just be sitting there…. They’d be running circles around them…. Nipping and baking until they moved wherever they have in mind lol

Crystal Tellup Baxter

They are just big white dogs to him,,,sweet