Boston Terrier Names – What did you Name your Dogs?

Sometimes it takes a long time to choose the perfect name for a Boston Terrier dog and sometimes not. If you need inspiration to find the name of your new Boston Terrier, this page could help you to get some ideas! Lets share about Boston Terrier names.

What did you name your Boston Terrier Dogs? Why did you named your dogs that?

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Because every dog is different, every story is different… So did you named your dogs after something or someone, or did you name your dogs based on appearance or personality or based on an event associated with him/her. Lets share What your Boston Terrier names are and how they got named!

Share about your Boston Terrier Names

Leave a comment on this page to share about your Boston Terrier names and why you named your dogs that.

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  1. Patricia PelletierPatricia Pelletier on

    Mindy was our first , then we had smooth , Pacino , Oreo and Karma .. Pictured here Mindy and smooth…. Mindy sadly left us a few years ago.. at the ripe age or 15 yo! She was a wonderful dog!

  2. Carol on

    There isn’t a better breed in this world then a Boston. My 6 yr old girl is Abigale and my 10yr old boy is Patrick. Got him on St. Patrick’s Day.

  3. Amy MaddenAmy Madden on

    My 12 year old boy is Marcel. He is named for the artist, Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp was a Dadaist who believed strongly in using the element of chance in the creative process.

  4. Morgan on

    Butler :) My mom and I looked through the phone book for names and thought it was perfect since he looked like he was wearing a tux!

  5. Lori Henley on

    Maci, Pippa, Chloe, Daisy, & Jasmine….All based on their expressions! Nothing more, just cute lil faces! And, Pippa was named wayyyyyyy before Pippa Middleton was talked about in all the magazines!

  6. Bruce Dix Jr on

    Our Boston Terrier is named “Cookie” which is short for Oreo Cookie Monster which is a dessert at a local restaurant. We were eating at this restaurant and trying to think of a name for our new puppy and dessert came and we both agreed that her name would be Oreo Cookie Monster….”Cookie” for short.

  7. Brenda Hayes on

    We have three BT’s. Vinny. My husband named him this after Vinny on OCC. Our second is Harley, yep…hubby has a Harley. The third a girl I named Audrey Jane. I love Audrey Hepburn.

  8. allison maynard on

    I named my BT, “Cooper”. He was full grown when I adopted him and I thought it just suited him. Solid and boyish but playful and fun. He is my love!

  9. Corey on

    My guy is named Orson. We were watching Citizen Kane the first day we got the new puppy, and the name from Orson Welles seemed to fit.

  10. Helen on

    I named my BT girl Pipi… I named her Pipi because I am from New Zealand and there’s a small clam called a pip,. we used to gather them for a big feast each weekend.

  11. Ashley on

    Ours is named Shadow…our 4 year old daughter named her, she heard her daddy(my fiance) say “I saw this quote online that said about boston terriers following in their owners shadow” & of course the word/name stuck with her lol

  12. Tori Lanier on

    Bentley!!!! Of course after the cars because I love them an I’d never own one so why not have a Bentley of my own?!

  13. Jodi on

    I have 2 Bostons named Raini and Delta. Raini was born in April and since that month is known ti be rainy thats what we named her. Delta flew in on Delta airlines.

  14. El Topo on

    Her previous owner named her Judy, but I decided to be both stubborn and lazy and renamed her… Judi. She is adapting very well to the change :-)

  15. Theresa on

    We named our boston terrier Angel. On the top of her forehead she has a small black dot. It kindda looks like a halo.

    • allison maynard on

      That black spot is called a “Haggerty Spot“. (my BT has one too – right in the middle of his white stripe!). The name goes back to one of the families that were breeders years, and years ago. Many of their puppies were born with the mark – hence – the Haggerty spot. I’ve heard it’s a desirable mark – in the show circle.


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