Boston Terrier Nicknames – What are your Dogs Nicknames?


Over the years, the Boston terrier breed got the nickname of “American Gentleman” because of the ressemblance of wearing a tuxedo.

Now, many Boston Terrier owners have nicknames for their dogs for different reason.

Does your dogs have nicknames? Leave your comments with your dog(s) real name and their nicknames. You can also tell about why you are calling your dog(s) this nickname.

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Sheri Vaughan

My Boston’s name is Marley. We call him Marley Moo, Moo Moo, or just Moo. When he was a pup he pooped a lot so we called him Sir Poopsalot.

Brian Norris

Dave “The Bully” Norris

Dana Mastro-Palmieri

Sophia Gianna aka: Soph, Sophie, Sophie G, G, Sass, Sassy, Sassygirl, Babygirl, Divagirl. Her nicknames are pretty much self-explanatory.😂❤️🐾

Alyse DiRado

Bobbi. Bobbi-Sue, Bobby Buchey, Bobbalu, and sometimes Mama

Will Bethere

Real name Bella, nickname boo,bubba,punkin, boo boo

Chris Moore

Isabelle is Izzybells, and Rufus is Rufus Magoo aka the Mighty Magoo!

Christina Cook

Real name: Rufus Nick names: Rufus the toot, pooper, mr stinky butt, poop

Debbie Balls

My Rocky had a nickname puppet.

Joanna Robertson

Buster’s nickname is Bug. The reason is only known to his Aunt Peggy. She gave it to him.

Sarah Rado

My gals name is Tiki and we call her Pupper McDoggus, Dog Doggerson, Poop Butt/Dingleberry Butt, and Stink Dog. Lol is that bad?! She is deaf and mostly blind and she is old now so she does stink. She has IBD so sometimes she has a dingleberry hence Poop Butt. so she has rightfully earned all those nicknames

Scot Moncur

Swamp Butt!

Sue Keeble

Haha this a good one…my dogs name is Puck and he is a handful and when I say handful I’m not kidding. He is 42 lbs and really muscular so when he is bad we
Call him Pucker, suits him to a t

Chris Scott

BRINKS is my male his nickname is BuB and LULU is my female her nickname is Peanut !!!

Jemma Jem

Laura Jarvis 🙈😂

Kris Cross

Daisy = stinky or poopa

Tiffany Nykke Hutchinson

Real Name: Marvin
Awwww, Did we wake the “Little Prince” after we come home and he isn’t there too greet us at the door

Michael Stafforini

Bell- Lil Puppy
Jazzie – Mama she’s had 14 puppies so

Corrine Michelle

Real Name: Sherlock
Nicknames: Puppy, Baby, Stinky (HE FARTS SO MUCH ITS GOD AWFUL)

Constance Howard Smith

My husband calls our Rosco “LB”. Short for Little Buddy. Reason: they are best Buds!

Lindy Peterson

I would love to hear him talking to Rosco when he doesn’t know anybody is listening!

Constance Howard Smith

Oh its a riot! Is he comfy on Daddy’s lap, does he want his blanket, is it treat time (it’s always treat time). These big guys are marshmallows! !!!!

Lindy Peterson
Marianne Luz Kane

Mr Grumpy Pants 😊❤

Kelly McCarn

Maisie. And I call her MaeMae, Sissy, stinker. She’s so funny and looks at me when I call her something like she’s thinking before reacting.

Kelly McCarn

And I forgot wigglebutt

Aimee Francis

Real name: Bungee
Nicknames: Bunny, The Rabbit, Town, Bun Bun

Tina Marie Dillaha

Piggy…real name Bentley

Kelly Eighinger

This is Zoey..but sometimes I call her Boo or baby in a baby voice 🐶😍

Lorraine-May Smith

Moon AKA mooska nini

Steve Fitzpatrick

this is PATSY, for whatever reason ( HAH AHHA ) these are the nicknames myself or my friends have given her….. Patricia, momma, Little Sister, Patsy-Rene, My Thing, Wonder-Face, sometimes I call her Pats.

Michael Whitlow

Shit head! Hahaha

Erica Wilson

Real name: Boston
Nicknames: B-dog, B-town, Boss hog, Bossy wossy puddin pants, Boss and B.

Becky Cochran

Sometimes Matilda can be a bit “stubborn” until she gets her way or her little point across, at those times I call her “Shitbucket”.

Mandy Sue Winters

Rosie aka whole lotto rosie, because she a big girl, is often called “creepy Rosie” because she will sometimes just sit and stare at you, and if you don’t close the bathroom door tight, she will bust in stare at you when you are bathing or in shower

Bob W. Hudspeth

Name: Izabella
Nickname: Booboo

Diane Harris

Princess .& fart arse .lol.

Jan Lindahl

Sherry nickname Sherry Smooshy Face because of her smooshed Boston nose

Lillian Grice Blackburn

Chesty aka: Chesty boy, bugsy.
Dee Dee aka: Deder, baby girl.

Carla Farwell-Sargent

His name is “Dino” but turns into Dino Bambino, moo-moo, mommy’s or poo poo bear. ❤

Laura Meade

Real Name: Maxwell

Nick Name: Moo Moo

Kristen Mullen

Phillip, Phillip Edward, Pete, pengy, panda, peteness pablito, Chico hernandez, western Hawaiian giant guinea pig, baby cow, petrie, Sean Mullen Caroline Jones did I miss any?

Janet Nmn Swartz Cameron

Ike, on the right, is Ike from Wyomin’ cause that’s where he was born, Ikee bikee, no reason,
I to the K to the E, again no reason, among others. Beanie, on the left, Beanie Weanie, also among others.

Marilyn Cota

Her real name is Debbie , we call her little Debbie snack cake or Debbie Doo..

Roy Bonilla

Name: Emma
Nick: Tuqui
Reason: Tail

Anthony Beard

This is Bubba. Many nicknames such as Bo, Boo, Boogie Man and Poppy. Don’t ask where they came from. As my sister says when someone asks what her dogs names are, she replies, they have many. LOL

Donn Massey

ollie is sometimes peckerwood

Donn Massey

ollie’s deaf though so i just kid him

Alžběta Stolting

We named our puppy Charlie, full name Charlie Monkey. He’s a clown and we adore him.

Don C Wilkes III

Love your tongue! -Bean on the Bay

Alžběta Stolting

That’s how we know Charlie is working hard on his army crawl. Found and round he goes.
I bet your puppy is concentrating hard on your snacks. Love how expressive their faces are, they’re born clowns 😍

Tim Eberle

Her nickname is PUTTIN, as in RUSSIAN, because she’s ALWAYS PUTTIN EVERYWHERE!!!! 🙂

Nicky Robinson

This Chibi aka Chiberton, stinky bum, snuggle bunny, moo and floofer. Just because !!

Rebecca Hatfield

This is Hercules my little Boo-Boo

Sharon Aderhold

Amos, aka A Mouse, because he was a runt, but still a cutie!

Rebecca Hatfield

Hercules is my little Boo-Boo

Damien Yg Guzman

Leia real name nickname princess

Christine Lowe Rieder

Gracie Goo…..her brother is a white schnauzer…Teddy Boo…as in ghost. So…Gracie Goo and Teddy Boo.