Boston Terrier Shakes her head to say NO to the choke collar!


There is some type of collars (like the choke collars) that are made to cause pain to dogs. But there are more positive type of collars to use with a dog. Why a dog harness is used instead of a collar? It’s because it doesn’t put strain on the neck and throat which can potentially be harmful over time.

This Boston Terrier named Mia is doing a trick about the choice between the Choke Collar or the Harness. She shakes her head to say NO to the choke collar and YES to the harness!

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Linda Lair


Michael Markham

I always put harnesses on them because they will try and choke themselves to death if they have a caller and some of them I like my youngest I hook it up to the front so I can pull her back so she can look straight at me and I can say no where the two year old has no problem.

Stefania Fried


Stefania Fried


Sabrina Tremblay

I would never put a chock collar on my dog. She doesn’t even even know what it is. She would probably lick it lolll

Marcus Marck

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