Boston Terrier Singing Hey Ho by The Lumineers (Video)


Here is a video of a boston terrier dog named Rylie singing his favorite song.

Rylie’s favorite song is the song titled “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers, an American folk rock band from Denver, Colorado.

The owner of Rylie said that he started doing this all on his own!

Watch the Official Video of the Song “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers

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Mark Amabile

My Boston sings to the ending music from Wheel of Fortune

Jessica Garrard

Rhett Garrard

Lynne Barton

Phoebe Barton Esmé Barton

Linda Beeson LbScriptures

Our Boston sings too, he has his favorite commercials he sings to….lol

Phyllis Ballarino

My dog, Bandit would.

Tina Ross

Dog whistle getting high pitch sound

Mariah Parker

Greg Vin

Shelly Fishco

Lindsey Willy, Hunter with Matt’s sax😂😂

Russ Seaman

Yea but only in his sleep. He howls and makes funny sounds,an opera singer would be proud of. So funny,

Brittney Ann Faith

Tim Faith 😂

Alicia Marshall

Philly sings along to Let it go. Every time.

Rick Duffield

Kylee McElkerney

Tammy Samuelson

Mine howls when my son practices his piano

Steven Ridout

Erin Mitzenberg Ridout start at 45 seconds in

John Rowbottom


Jo Clark
Jo Clark

So sweet! you can see him thinking toward the beginning, “C’mon! Get to the best part so I can sing!”

Sirpa Penttinen


DJ Wiki Ben

@crumblyz @thebookpolice RT Boston Terrier Singing Hey Ho by The Lumineers –