Boston Terrier Suffered from Allergies since he is Baby – Anyone can Help?


    Here is a question from Angela Garzon asking for some suggestions to help her Boston Terrier named Otto with his allergies.

    She says : “Hello I need your help urgently. My dog just turned a year and he has suffered from allergies since he was a baby, first aroused food allergy, then we saw that is allergic to flea pipette pressenting bumps in all his face. And now there is something more that is generating allergy, more than a week ago he began with sneezing and runny nose, and now today he woke up with bumps all over her face. We took him to the vet and apparently the corticosteroids that have implemented are not working. Tonight he should remain hospitalized, but the problem is that We do not know how to manage their allergies by not knowing that is causing. Please has anyone experience something like this with your puppies, please any help about allergies.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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    This is a picture of Otto! 🙂

    Boston Terrier Suffered from Allergies since he is Baby - Anyone can Help?

    … and this is a picture when he was a baby! 🙂

    7 Weeks Old Boston Terrier with his Pijama on! - Otto from Colombia (Photo)

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? Please leave a comment if you can help him with his allergies!

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    I have the sweetest 71/2 year old Boston baby in the world. She has suffered from severe allergies most of her life. We’ve had the allergy test done, given steroids, done the shots….. You name it, we were willing to do it. Nothing worked except a daily steroid pill. That is not a good long term plan! Especially since she has had a serious bout with pancreatitis twice. 1/12 years pancreatic attack free now thanks to a strict prescription diet and boiled chicken. Her vet recommended a new allergy pill just for dogs about 1-2 years ago. The only disadvantage… Read more »


    My dog is a feenchie she suffers bad with allergies I find a hypoallergenic wheat cereal and grain free diet helps , she suffers from hayfever too so had piriton once a day, her bedding is washed weekly in baby non bio only or white vinegar


    My two years old Boston Terrier take anti allergic two times a day,he is feeling better since he is eating Fresh Pet,chamomile tea cold compresses in his eyes help to soth irritation

    Chuck Chuckster Cramer

    Put him on a grain free diet also


    I want him @HipsterKimby

    Sandi Garrison

    Mine I give Benadryl to , also she gets fish oil as her eyes get really red without it , her eyes are dry , I only give the benadrl when allergy attacks as Benadryl also can dry they eyes .

    Ursula Rubi Labonté

    Benadryl ….. and sent free and oatmeal based dog shampoo…. ask the vet about food…. sometimes the food causes it.

    Shelley Wheeler
    Shelley Wheeler

    Bayleigh is 3 and has suffered allergies for over 2 years. We have tried everything. Basically, her immune system is overwhelmed. Took to Dermatologist and she’s allergic to most everything, even cats and we don’t have one. I tried Tea tree oil (medicated shampoo) and that seemed to help but Vet has her on medicated shampoo 2 x a week. She lost of a lot of hair as a result and I put her on Skin-eze which has helped. We are also doing allergy shot’s twice a week. we won’t know for 3-6 months or a little longer. Hopefully, her… Read more »

    Delaney Trimble-Root
    Delaney Trimble-Root

    My Boston had the same issues. We ended up taking him to a Vet Dermatologist. They tested him and found out he’s allergic to everything. They put him on a series of allergy meds that were mixed up for his allergens. We squirted them under his younger twice a day for about a year and he great now. He gets the occasional flair up that we treat with Benedryl for a day or so and he’s good to go.

    Paul Hoffmann
    Paul Hoffmann

    My Boston has had allergies from the time he was a pup.. He is allergic to any dog food I gave him.. I gave him Atopica medication but he needed to have it once a day and he should only need it once a week but for 6 years I had treated him this way. That is how bad his allergies had been. Over the winter I read online that this guy had the same problems and he feed his Boston “Pink Salmon and white rice” every day and he never had a problem with allergies again. So I tried… Read more »

    Ángela Garzón
    Ángela Garzón

    Thank u so much for ur help ! Our biggest concern are all the bumps that he has in his face, he is now under corticosteroids medicaments, but the face get inflamed once the medication is over. Have u ever seen ur boston with this lond of bumps?

    Tina Louise Morales

    Benadryl 4x a day – 1ml for each pound.
    My Boston is 17lbs, give HALF of 25ml pill

    Heather Gunderson

    Please help Otto! Maybe a vet visit!

    Edie Pedersen
    Edie Pedersen

    Hi Angela. We had the same problems with our Boston Finnley. During his first year his face, chest and stomach would turn red and then little bumps would appear. He was very itchy and would scratch until he bled. Our vet put him on ATOPICA which he took one pill every 2 days. This worked for us. The vet said he may grow out of it or could be on this drug forever. After he had been on this drug for about a year, we switched our dogs over to a raw food diet and that made a huge difference.… Read more »

    Paul Hoffmann
    Paul Hoffmann

    That is the only thing that worked for us too. Atopica

    Ángela Garzón
    Ángela Garzón

    Thank u so much. For ur answer ! Hére in Colombia there no many studies about dog allergies I will try to search with our vet for atopica. We are really worry cause is the first time that this bumps stay too Long on his face, he is under corticosteroids medication, and this is not good for his body and once the effect of the medication is over the inflamed face Star once again,

    Jeanie Shelton

    Science Diet ZD helped Allie. Benadryl in between.

    Marie Miller

    Benadryl helps

    Bianca Ericsson

    I would put your Boston on a raw food diet- our little one had allergies too and all of them went away when we went to a raw food diet. There are several different brands we went went natures variety and went with beef protein as we found he also had an allergy to lamb protein. Hope that helps 🙂

    Dev Chana give pup filtered water. Use Salina Naturally Celtic sea salt.

    Scott Griffin

    Apoquel its a new wonder drug for allergies!!! We have a Boston that we could not figure out what his allergies were.. The vet put him on apoquel and it works great!!

    Geena Marie Leftwich

    I posted a comment on the website. Hope it helps! ????

    Angela Garzon

    Dejar geena Thank u so much for ur help, the biggest problema right now is that all his face has bumps and inflamed! The corticosteroids are just working for a While but then the face get the same !! Please some help if Someone know a what could be??


    First off I want to say, poor baby that he’s got all those allergies???? it’s so miserable for them, and I know it’s hard on you too. Like the above comment, my vet says Benadryl too, and you’ll I have to do a little bit of investigative work with what he’s eating or around him that’s causing it. You can also tell your vet to do allergy testing on him, to find out what foods or things he is sensitive to. I had a Boston that was allergic to chicken, and his poor little legs behind his paws would get… Read more »

    Carla Bienkowski

    Oatmeal baths for his itchy skin. Aveeno is a good brand

    Jane Conerton

    Our baby boston had low immune system. we feed all natural meat diet n she is doing great!

    sara gildon
    sara gildon

    For our Mariano we only feed him Veras food and he gets an oatmeal bath once a week. With this allergy season we had no choice but to put him on meds. He takes GNC Ultra Mega Seasonal Support. You Get THEM Ata Petco or PetSmart.

    Bobbie Filley

    Our vet says benadryl helps

    Ginger Ponchillia

    Our Boston terrier has sneezing ,stuffy nose and her ears get itchy and full o wax.

    Joshua Neff

    I’m not sure the extent of the cause, but a good start for general allergies is a safe for dogs, regular dose daily Claritin

    Karen Johnson

    tbs of indigenous honey, cures my Norman’s sneezes. Must be indigenous to where your BT lives.

    Andora Peggy

    Greenseapowder holistic