Boston Terrier Tattoos – Over 20 Pictures!

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Do you love tattoos? Are you looking for ideas for your next tattoo? Here are some beautiful Boston Terrier Tattoo designs.

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11. Tattoo of a Boston Terrier named Stan

Boston Terrier Tattoo of Stan the Dog from Victoria, BC, Canada


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 10

13. Silhouette of a Boston Terrier named Hattie

Boston Terrier Tattoo - Silhouette of a Boston Terrier named Hattie

14. Tattoo of a Boston Terrier named Winston

“Winston is the first dog I’ve ever owned myself and I love him so much I wanted to take him with me wherever I go where he couldn’t come with. So I decided to have a tattoo of him and I also included his snake toy that he’s had since he was a puppy that he loves so much!”

Tattoo of a Boston Terrier named Winston
Tattoo done by Curtis Aldrich


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 11


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 12 - Romeo


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 12


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 13 - Louie


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 19


Boston Terrier Tattoo - 20

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