Boston Terrier Trying to Lick a Parakeet (Video)


    Here is a video of a Boston Terrier (dog) trying to lick a Parakeet (bird).

    Check out the dog’s big eyes when he’s looking at the bird! 🙂

    Anyone else got both dog and bird as pets? Please SHARE this with other people!

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    Jennifer Ariemma

    your page is awesome

    Will Maxwell

    This is adorable!

    Brie Abplanalp

    Richard MrBullhead Classen

    Marti Marikovics

    Snack time

    Carol Walton
    Carol Walton

    My daughter has a love bird and this is exactly what my Boston did. This was so familiar.

    Grace Koornhof

    Sjoe wonderlik tipies

    Heather Meaney

    SO CUTE!!

    Diana Marquez

    Help Nibbler get some likes and followers plz. Click the link and like.????plz. He has a new home new life and his happy I want the whole world to meet my baby boy.

    Share the pg plz.????

    Bugn Jackie

    I can see the bird screaming, Godzilla. LOL

    József Horváth

    Azok a szemek!! imádom!! 🙂

    Lynne Scott

    Seriously, my little Joey, every living thing, he needs to sit on. He hates water, but he jumped in to meet the ducks.

    Loretta Martin
    Loretta Martin

    Just like my Butch (Boston) and Laurie (budgie). She would run up and down his back and end up on his head, looking down at his eyes, chirping away. Should have seen the silly cross-eyed look on his face. Friends all her life.

    Caroline E Macpherson-Mueller

    Tasting, tasting, 1 2 3………….

    Doreen Ewe

    His eyes look like they are popping out any second lmao

    Rafael Fernandes

    Rosangela Fernandes

    Peggy Matkin Patrick

    Alison Pritchard Beitzell ????

    Alison Pritchard Beitzell

    Sweet ????

    Brian Jones

    Brooke Sorensen Boren

    Brooke Sorensen Boren

    Pretty sure he wants to eat the bird, not kiss it.

    Allison Fowler Woodfill

    Look at his eyes!