Boston Terrier Weight – What Size is your Boston Terrier?


According to the Boston Terrier breed standard, there are three weight classes : under 15 pounds, 15 to under 20 pounds and 20 to under 25 pounds.

Now what about YOUR dogs?!

Here is a quick poll about your Boston Terriers weights. Do you have a Boston Terrier that is out of norm?

Answer the following poll even if don’t have one! Fill out the poll and leave your comments!

What size is/are your Boston Terrier(s)?

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Maria K.
Maria K.

Buddy is a solid big boy weighing in at 40lbs. I love the big mush to pieces!


We have a large Boston that weighed 38 pounds when we got him at age four. Now he is 28 pounds and is much healthier.


Our two litter mates are 4 years old now and weigh 35.5 lbs. and 37 lbs. They are tall, long, trim and athletic. Pure muscle and strikingly handsome.

karen powell
karen powell

My Lincoln is 18lbs.

Rose Zapata

…Monte is the trim one

Rose Zapata

…Bugz is my big boy, 32 pounds probably more

Lena Marikovics

My guy is very tall and 36lbs of muscle.


Our two littermates are very tall and muscular too. 35.5 and 37 pounds. I like to watch them run. They can run like the wind.

Amanda Pawluk

My Boston is very tall and weighs about 30 lbs. Apparently she is the XL version.

Nelle Harris-causey

My 4 yr. is 17 and my 13 yr. is 19 #.

Loretta Easton

My 4-year old spayed BT weighs 30 pounds. She looks like a deer with her long legs. She runs so gracefully and is ALL muscle!

Caroline E Macpherson-Mueller


Christopher Shelton

18 lbs at last vet check.


Luna is best at 20 lbs. She can put on some pudge in the winter. She gained 3-4 lbs so I reduced her meal size for the inactive periods of winter. She has luxating patella’s so any extra weight is hard on her little knees. Trying to avoid surgery and 20lbs is the perfect weight for her. My previous girl.

Joyce Powell

My guy is 20lbs.

Linda Grace

One is about 28 lbs (male) the other (female) is 32 lbs.


My Lucy is one and a half years old and weighs about 32 lbs she has an attitude and is just gorgeous the way she is

Nicky Robinson

18lbs of snugly cuteness !!

Jorge Molina

Give all

Christine Chan


Cindy J. Ray

13 lbs @ 12 years

Brandee Pope

Tux is only 5 months old and already weighs 17 pounds. His dad weighs 35, so I’m assuming he is going to be on the larger side as well.

Lucy Vieira

my girl is also 25lbs. She’s gained some weight due to her medication.

Christine Braun

Frankenstein was 22lbs last time I checked. How about Gizmo Charlie Braun?

Alana Hoyle

Our Phoebe is about 22lbs, she is 7 yrs old. We didn’t meet her parents, she’s a rescue.

Alana Hoyle

Our Bella is about 36lbs, her parents were a similar size. She’s 8 yrs old.

Kevin Rogers

huge !!!

Amanda Thornell

My Melody is 2 years old and just a little over 11 pounds. 🙂 She’s my tiny baby!!

Alana Hoyle

All bostons are beautiful, but I just love her sweet face!

Brandee Pope

I want her!! Lol

Nicole Minning

My female has 13 lbs and is near 3 years


zap is 23 lbs at 10.5 yrs old. I love this dog!


Reading the comments, apparently my little 13lb Boston is rare.

Robyn Hunt Anderson
Robyn Hunt Anderson

This is Massey.

Dena Roth

16 and 17 pounds Peepers and Pixie

Dawn Augustine

Bosco is 28.2#


My boston Lucy is female, AKC, throwback she is 25 pounds her grandsons and sons all checked in at over 32 pounds.

Ann Harris

12 lbs, 15 mo old. Pooped in Texas after hard day of ranch work & cookout

Tasha Lockhart
Tasha Lockhart

We have two rescued Bostons. Dottie is 25 pounds and Petie is a solid 33 pound Chunky Monkey!

Janet Elkins

32 lbs

Mark Stenvik

I have 2 Boston’s 1 is a 12lb female and the other is a 18 pound female. I keep them on the thin side to avoid health problems, I feed them grain free Blue Buffalo. Since I changed them to it, they rarely get gas.

Aiya Maston

Cami Maston

Lynn Holmes

Miss Coby…a cuddly 17 lbs.

Tenten Thee

very big 33 pounds <3


32lbs & 22lbs #allmuscle !

Bailey Byrd

“: What Size is your Boston Terrier? → #bostonterrier #dogs”30 pounds of pure love.

Lauren Kelly

Nina Pisano

Alana Hoyle

Phoebe- 22lbs of cuteness

Alana Hoyle

Bella – 36lbs of sassiness

Eric Tucker

Molly 15lbs always willing to share your dinner with you!

Shirley Whitley

21lbs. Loves to ring a bell by door when she wants out!! HOLLY

Stacy Fiduccia

My little one is 14 pounds with tiny legs – here is a pick of Bunny

Tenten Thee

too cute <3

Miriam Macor

Leo is just a 16lb little bundle of energy…who likes his sweater on before we go for a walk.

Tenten Thee


Nana Kim

My Baxter is tall and 27 pounds. My girl Cleo is a smaller pudge at 22 pounds. We recently adopted a puppywho runs hers little butt off and she has lostsome weight.

Steven Wheeler

He’s getting kinda hefty like Tek!! 🙂 Ollie-bear is a handsome guy though!