Boston Terrier with Luxating Patella – Does anyone Knows Ways to Make her Feel Better?


    Here is a question from Keleigh Slaight asking for some advices for her female Boston Terrier having Luxating Patella and hurted her kneecap.

    She says : “My boston terrier Molly somehow hurt her kneecap last night (luxating putella). I took her to the vet and they have me give her plain killers and anti inflammatory and told me to keep her off it. Poor Molly screams if it is touched even Just lightly. She’s sleeping now but wanted to know if any of you knew ways to make her feel better?”

    Does anyone have any experiences, suggestions or recommendations to share? Join the discussion!

    Boston Terrier with Luxating Patella - Does anyone Knows Ways to Make her Feel Better?

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    Brenda Dushack


    Tenten Thee


    Megan Condon Connolly

    Mine had his repaired at 10 months also. My vet told me if it kept popping out the arthritis would be so bad in his leg it would be useless. I use Cosequin also. He’s 3 1/2 and he’s fine now.


    I’m sure you’ve explored this, but our Boston Terrier (also named Molly!) had the same problem and we ended up having her undergo surgery.

    It wasn’t cheap (and the recovery is about 6 weeks), but she’s 110% better now and I don’t regret spending the money one bit.

    I know that’s not an option for some people, but if it is an option for you and you’re going back and forth…I’d highly recommend it.

    Best of you luck to you guys. She’s a cutie!

    Carol Audrey Adriaans
    Jeanie Shelton

    Make sure she doesn’t take those meds on an empty stomach. Can cause ulcers.

    Linda Franklin

    My boston, at 9 months old had both his knees operated on for the same problem. He is now 12 years old and still is doing fine. Good luck with your boston.

    Rue Hall

    Mine had to eventually have surgery. Rimadyl is good for pain. Try to keeo from jumping. However that is almost impossible with Bostons

    Karen Amato

    I’m sorry to hear your Boston is going through that. My Boston went through that with each leg, 10 months apart from each other. She had to have surgery for both. The knee will never go back into the joint and stay there. The groove for which it is connected to is not deep enough to keep it in place When she would walk, I could see the knee slip out of the joint. It became uncomfortable and painful for her at times. I could not bear to see her in such discomfort, seeing she was around 1 year old… Read more »

    Debbie Maddux St Romain

    Ice pack may help for temporary relief. I used ice on my Boston when he fell off the bed and dislocated his hip. He didn’t like it much but just slipped the ice pack under his blanket. He was much better when I took him to the vet the next AM. He had X-Ray’s and his Hip was back in place and nothing broken. Kept him off it for a couple days and he took anti inflammatory pills for a week. He’s fine now. I bought stairs for my bed while I was sitting in the vet office. He runs… Read more »

    Ellie Gibberman

    Mine had his repaired. Now I give glucosamine and MSM supplements made by Cosequin sold at Petsmart. I also use something called Flex gel at It is a supplement that has HA in it. Often Bostons in rescue after taking it are feeling well enough surgery wasn’t indicated. Good luck!

    Betty Marcus

    I have been in that situation, I think the vet is proceeding cautiously to see if the situation rights itself. It happened to my boy when he was about 6 months old, and surgery was in the end the best option. If she will let you, warm some hand towels in the microwave or oven, wait until they are only warm to the touch and try gently putting them on her knee, hopefully when she’s sleeping, just lay them gently. Good Luck.

    Maria Bascone-Gromadzki

    If she’s that painful surgery might be the best option!

    Nancy Pierson

    my trixie had that. Rimadyl really helped her with the pain.

    Shelly Brooks

    Poor baby

    Monte Bostondog

    Give 1000 mg fish oil daily and glucosamine, vet can prescribe. Take jumping up and down out equation as much as possible. If your BTW sleeps in your bed as mine do (lol) get stairs so it’s easier on the joints. They learn fast.

    Debbie Herrman

    My BT also had to have surgery to fix hers.

    Melissa Cox

    my little girl had to have surgery 🙁 hope your baby feels better soon

    Berlinda Wolf

    Poor thing

    Virginia Dawn Kumlien

    hope she feels better soon and just love her