Boston Terriers are a Girl’s Best Friend


    Here is a picture with a quote about the Boston Terriers and the fact that they are great companions!

    Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” never owned a Boston Terrier!

    Share if you think this is true! 🙂

    Boston Terriers are a girls best friend

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    Misty Thibodeaux Chaney

    Carlie Knight

    Cynthia Trudeau

    I’ll say amen to that statement. Boston’s are priceless. 💓💓

    Kelly McCoy Barrett
    Kelly McCoy Barrett


    Linda Rogers Osborn

    They are great family pets-they don’t know they are dogs – hush

    Stefania Fried

    Wee just love her…kuki…

    Stacy Voss

    So true

    Amie Robb

    Sooooo true!

    Pat McNamara

    Absolutely priceless ❤

    Deborah Hull Shrader

    I love mine and wouldn’t give nothing for it. They are my 2nd hand and pride and joy !!
    But stubborn dogs but it’s all good !

    Deborah Hull Shrader

    My 2nd one. She was given to me. The pic above is the one I had from birth till now

    Rachel Haaland Watson

    Emily Hovick thought of you and your little cutie

    Emily Hovick

    Aww this is so cute, you’re the sweetest! Are you back visiting for the holidays?!

    Rachel Haaland Watson

    Not this year. Heading on vacation this week – hopefully we’ll be back in the spring.

    Laura Hughes

    This is my boys, Merv and Frank. My big boy, Merv, is actually the dog in the main post above. I made that image of him years ago. He’s my first Boston and changed my life forever ❤️❤️❤️

    Laura Hughes

    Oh and I have *literally* chosen my Bostons over diamonds! Lol I lost my wedding ring years ago and Bostons are so expensive here in Australia that I probably could’ve gotten a really nice replacement ring by now if I hadn’t bought these boys instead and spoiled them lots too! 😂

    Sandra L Dismuke

    sooooo true…..So loving….

    Donna Brienza Belliveau Starr


    Tracey Lou Brooks

    I don’t own one yet…I have ,I loved him very much. Looking around for new one. Cant have one just yet. But….

    Darleen Scott Combess

    Exactly! ! I love my 2 Bostons! !

    Mary Caskey


    Margarita Barajas Roa

    Sin duda!!

    Ann McKallagat

    i call my two boston’s my diamond earings

    Bernie Christensen

    We lost our abbi two years ago 13 see was blind for 3 years but couldn’t keep her down miss her everyday . They our a great breed

    Suzanne Fleury

    The Best dogs ! !!

    Beatrice Thieme


    Scott Whitney

    Natasha Whitney our little beaut Diesel xxx

    Spike Bailey

    Absolutely 100% true!

    Aiya Maston

    Cami Maston

    Michelle Shafer Neves

    I’m stalking you

    Jo Anne Stubbs

    that’s for darn sure!

    Rebecca Söderblom

    Julia <3

    Linda Bannister

    My son has a Boston and she is hilarious! We love her.

    Geneviève Lorenzi

    Effectivement ! ❤️❤️💋

    Marta Lindley

    Questionable 🙂

    Tambrea Howe Johnson

    So True ! Axel 7

    Trish Korris

    Summed up perfectly

    Dawn Augustine

    Love love love our Bosco! He will be 4 y/o on 12/30

    Amy Alton-Washburn
    Peggy Matkin Patrick

    Alison Pritchard Beitzell 🐾❤️🐾

    Alison Pritchard Beitzell

    So true

    Sharon Tod Mutzberg

    I am sharing if that is ok!

    Silvana Farias

    This is 100% true!

    Silvana Farias
    Kenneth Owen

    Andrea Owen

    Kiya Bancroft

    very true! 🐾

    Donna Jo Pike

    Give me a Boston anyday….besides my Bella has her own diamond. ..

    Tina Santilli Harmer

    We love our Ozzy and he loves the winter snow, he loves chasing squirrels too, lol

    Linda Thomas

    So true I love my little boy so much

    Jessica Cuellar

    Yep so true

    Lynn Nalley Waller


    Claudette LeBlanc

    I’m lucky. …I have both!

    Cindy Sword

    Definitely Bostons are my Best friends Bar non

    Ann Rosson Niver

    My 14 year old princess, Dixie, rules the roost…such a sweet girl. She has traveled thousands of miles and visited hundreds of campgrounds during her lifetime traveling with us. Our girl is worth more than diamonds to us….

    Stefania Fried

    My kuki is 11 year old!

    Stefania Fried
    Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    Dixie is adorable….please what do you feed her to have her life so long……my baby is 5 1/2 and I want him for another 10’years….

    Ann Rosson Niver

    1/2 cup Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult twice a day. . . To which we add 1 Tablespoon vanilla yogurt, 1 tsp canned pumpkin and 2 Tablespoon canned green beans NSA…and plenty of fresh water.

    Thomas Yates

    Would not trade mine for all the diamonds in the world.

    Michael Whitlow

    And good helpers too!