Bugg Dog Breed – Buggs are a Mix between Boston Terriers and Pugs


What is the Bugg dog breed? The Buggs are a cross between the Boston Terrier breed and the Pug breed. This cross (Boston Terrier Mix) is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Buggs are growing in popularity. They have a good temperament. They are playful, gentle, alert and they make great family dogs.

The Buggs have a short and fine coat that is generally brown, brown and white, black and white or brown, black and white. Their life expectansy is from 10 to 15 years.

Bugg Dog Breed - Buggs are a Mix between Boston Terriers and Pugs
Taking a Break - Layla from Warren, Manitoba, Canada

Layla the Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug cross) from Warren, Manitoba, Canada.
Taking a break from chasing the ball, and sunning her self on the backyard deck.

All Smiles - Layla the Bugg from Warren, Manitoba, Canada

Layla the Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug cross) from Warren, Manitoba, Canada.
Her father is full Boston Terrier and her mother is full Boston Terrier and Pug mix.
All smiles! Showing off her cute little strait pearly whites!

Do you have a Bugg? Does your Bugg look more like a Boston Terrier or a Pug?
Leave your comment about your Bugg below!
You can also send a photo of your Bugg!

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Melanie Roy

Here’s my bugg❤️ Frizbee

Shannon Noble

Jinks is 3 mo old.

Shannon Noble
Constance Hunter

It’s a challenge with my couch potato Boston pug couch potato and my full of energy Boston!

Elizabeth Launderville

Jesika Molly

Sara Roberts

This was my bugg on right Miles Davis and was my girl Patsy Cline. Miss them terribly.

Erica Loudon

Boston Ethel on the left. Freddie bugg (rescue) on the right. He’s a nut but a good boy!

Linda Walters Hess

My Blosson is a Bug. I love her to the moon and back

Yessy Bohigas

Mi chikis es bugg su papá es Boston y su mamá. Pug

April Marie


Nicole Loftis

Such a sweet face!

Jerry Fisher

Sarah Elizabeth

Brandi Day Curry

Best breed ever. This is Dublin.

Julie Convery

Brick. I also have a pug and a Boston but they are not related.

Shelly Mossey

I have one!! She is one of the most Intelligent dogs I have ever had in my family.

Shelly Mossey
Judith Kuykendall Richard

They are very cute

Tiffany Ann


Melanie Loidl

Have a Boston franchie mix

Matt Sherrod

Sophie Bugg

Nick Matzureff

Cat Matzureff

Jade Winkle

My Bugg Cleo

Denise Taylor

5 year female bugg Minnie mom was a Boston and her dad was a pug

Rachel Castilloux

Colored like a Boston…body of a pug. My pudgy girl

Tami Miller-Burton

She’s a cutie!❤️

Candace Jackson

John Jackson

Luziete Borges

Braulio olha isso! 😂 Nova raça: Bugg

Irma Paalman

25/. Pugg 75 Boston

Alane Perry

Danielle Perry 😱

Kim Whitt

Elysia Hecox Wright

Tiffany Looney

Also known as a mutt. Lovely breed.

Hanna Thompson

You and your “mutt” comments!! I’m quite surprised this mix got a “lovely breed” comment though, Frenchtons surely didn’t.

Tiffany Looney

I love mutts I have three 🙂 just call them what they are.

Tiffany Looney

I meant a mutt is a Lovely breed. Lol.

Samantha Kesel


Elyse Campisi

Wednesday’s actually cuter than she looks in the pic of them together but it’s hard to get them both to sit still in one place for long. 😅

Laura Louise Annan

Naughty Stan

Tereycano Solano Falcon

Nalleli Lopez Falcon, alomejor si me animo.

Nalleli Lopez Falcon

Te digo que si salen bonitos

Elyse Campisi

We have two. They’re from different litters but actually have the same dad.

Elyse Campisi
Holly Christine

My Fig is 3/4 boston 1/4 pug. I think his pug shows through his stockiness. He’s almost 40lbs!

Jamie Palesh Pagels

He’s almost 40 lbs…wowza. Lewis still clocking in at 30 lbs.

Holly Christine

Fig has his holiday weight on.

Sarah Elizabeth

No way he has pug in him?

Amelia Jeffery

Sarah Elizabeth yeah just looks Boston to me

Holly Christine

Yep. His mom was half pug, half boston.

Dustin K Tarditi
Dustin K Tarditi

They are cute, but what is the benefit of the hybrid, or are they a case of ‘why not?’
Similar size, similar temperament… Does the pug primarily give different coat variations? Does the pug tone down the activity level or mischievous curiosity of a BT? If so, not sure I would be interested… Those are very endearing qualities of the BT to me.

Angela Bartlett

Pugin and Patoot ❤️

Sandra Hezeltine


Noel H P Bryson

I don’t like them, sorry to say. Prefer just Bostons.

Sandy Hyde

Lol that wasn’t the question but each to their own. I’ve had a pug and currently have a Boston and I prefer them also. My pug had allergies and shed hair a lot. Do the bugg dogs shed much?

Elyse Campisi

I don’t feel like ours shed much

Anthony Robles


Stephanie Branam

My Bugg and my Boston.

Rick Leerentveld

Jenn Cameron

Jenn Cameron
Dalton Miller

Jackie Sawyer

Karen Morris

I don’t have a mix but they are adorable.

Nadine Baker

Angela Bartlett

Angela Bartlett

Yes me. Two

Fred Yager

They are awesome. So sweet and loving. We rescued sweet Jax four years ago and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Jennifer Berisford

Frank (Boston) & Bean (bugg) in back

Leigh Gallagher Brunt

Dwight, he’s a sweetie, 9-1/2 he loves relaxing!

Mhairi Molloy

My Zoey

Connie Parker


Mary Frances Theres Martin

this is my chammoi 😊😊

Denny Sigmon

This is the gang
Boston, bugg and a bo-jack