Calculate your Dog’s age in Human Years


Have you ever wanted to know how old really is your dog in human years?

Now, you should know that it is a popular belief that this is 7 dog years for 1 human year. The truth is that it is faster in the first 2 years of the dogs life. Then it depends on your dog’s size.

Use the following chart to calculate your dog’s age in human years.

Calculate Your Dogs Age in Human Years

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8 Comments on "Calculate your Dog’s age in Human Years"

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Sarah Louise Young

So my Boston is 34 in dog years 👌👌

jones rose

my baby is 59? Haha, no way!

Tara Grogan

Crowley is 16 and gizmo is 34 😄

Viay Molina Sanchez
Elizabeth Radley

My dog is like 84? wow old lady