Can you Help Identify the Other Breed of this Mixed Boston Terrier?


Here is a Question from Marsha who wanted to ask what is the other breed of her late mixed Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “My late dog named Oscar looks like he’s part Boston Terrier… His nose is a bit longer than Terriers, he had a longer tail that curled, pointy ears. Hopefully someone can help me identify the other breed because i would love to have another one (of course there’s only one Oscar but Taz (My Beagle) & I are lonely… Thanks

Does anyone have any thoughts? 🙂

Can you Help Identify the Other Breed of this Mixed Boston Terrier?

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Diane Harris

Jack russel

Nancy Hielscher

Leave it at “a beautiful blend”.

Brian Lester

Saint Bernard

Tony-Patsy De La Rosa

Could be the Rat terrier breed

Theresa Brown Penning

Boston/rattie mix?

Danielle Melville

Jack russell

Michael Talarico

Mine was mixed with fox terrier… that’s him on my profile pic

Gord MacDonald


Dawn M. Wilkins

Jack Russell !

Koy Smith

Fox terrier

Christine Blocher

Looks like my sisters jack russel…?

Christine Lowe Rieder

Laura Nave….I agree

Terri Beaber Borden

Corgi or Jack Russell.

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Face looks like corgi. Nose looks like beagle. Need better pic to tell.

Hal Mitchell

Jack Russel?

Laura Nave

Here’s a picture of my dog. He’s Boston Terrier/Chihuahua.

Eric Penman

I’m going to say beagle

Preston Gordon

With just the face pic and a description of his tail it just be guessing. Post more pics with his whole body in them. Based on the face i wanna say beagle or maybe even corgi